News Programming and Its Role in Society at TVOT NYC 2018

ITVT is pleased to announce more details about a TVOT NYC 2018 keynote panel which--in an era when the objectivity and reliability of news reporting are increasingly under attack from all sides--will explore the future of news and its role in the body politic and society at large.


SVA Theatre, December 6th, New York City

Here's the listing for the session from the show agenda:


Silas Theatre

The Future of News Programming and Its Role in Society

This session, featuring a panel composed of representatives of established and upstart news providers, will explore how new technologies, the imperative to distribute to new digital platforms and to reach younger and more diverse audiences, as well as ongoing changes in our politics and culture, are fundamentally changing the nature of news programming. In addition, panelists will debate how the ongoing evolution of news will impact the body politic and society at large. Topics to be addressed include the transformation of news from a mass medium to one increasingly shaped by personalization; "deep fake" videos and other new technologies that seem poised to undermine the public's confidence in news reporting; the new genres of news programming that are evolving on social-media and streaming platforms and how they differ from traditional news programming; how news programming can establish trust in an era of deep partisan divisions and accusations--from all sides--of "fake news"; and whether any of the ongoing changes in news content, its distribution and its consumption will result in a more informed electorate. Panelists include:


Remember: TVOT NYC 2018 takes place just 1 day from now, on December 6th