ITVT Readers to Receive Significant Discount on Major New Report on OTT Advertising

  • Report Is Authored by Alan Wolk and Mike Shields of TV[R]EV

With Hulu, Pluto, Tubi, Roku and YouTube TV seeing rapid growth, and with more and more networks devoting resources to direct-to-consumer apps, OTT advertising is set to take off in 2019, with revenue projected to double this year.

As advertisers fight for eyeballs in the OTT space, a new ecosystem is emerging, filled with new technology, new players, and a whole lot of new terminology!


In a just-published report from TV[R]EV, prominent industry analyst, Alan Wolk, and veteran journalist, Mike Shields, offer an in-depth understanding of this new ecosystem, breaking it all down in plain English.

We are pleased to offer our readers a $50 discount on the new report: just enter the discount code, TVOT, when you download the report here.

The 56-page report features:                                         

Survey results from 100 key executives, including:

  • 63% believe OTT advertising is growing rapidly.
  • Over 95% think measurement is a problem for OTT.
  • 39% think TV should be measured in terms of impressions, while 10% think it should be measured in terms of GRPs.
  • Only 46% understand how audience segments are determined for OTT ads.
  • 28% think that all OTT advertising should be sold on an addressable basis.

Commentary from hundreds of executives, covering such topics as:

  • New Audience Frontiers: vMPVDs, FASTS, and the upcoming "Flixcopalypse."
  • Segmenting and Verifying Audiences: Why it matters and how it works.
  • DMPs and SSPs: What they do and what you should look for.
  • Addressable and Programmatic: How they work and why they're net positives.
  • Measurement: The latest trends from panels, to ACR, to blockchain.
  • Future predictions: What to look for in the near term and the long term.
  • Speaking the Lingo: All those confusing OTT terms and acronyms defined.


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