Streaming Video and the 2020 Election at TVOT SF 2019

ITVT is pleased to announce more details about a TVOT SF 2019 session that will explore the role that streaming video will play in coverage of the 2020 election.

Here's the listing for the session from the show agenda:

4:05-4:55PM, June 12th
Cypress Room

Streaming Video and the 2020 Election

This session will bring together representatives of national and local broadcast news organizations, newspapers, and standalone streaming news services for an in-depth exploration of the role that streaming video will play both in their own coverage of the 2020 election, and in that election in general.

Questions to be addressed by the panelists include: How important a part will streaming video be of their respective organizations' election coverage and why? What challenges are they facing in developing their streaming plans and how are they overcoming them? How do they plan to monetize their coverage--and how significant an opportunity is presented by addressable political advertising and other innovations? How does the streaming-news audience differ from traditional news consumers--does streaming, for example, allow news organizations to reach historically underserved audiences? How--as a result of the new audiences it attracts and other factors--do news reporting and analysis delivered via streaming differ from traditional political coverage? What opportunities does streaming offer to improve coverage and what potential pitfalls? How will streaming coverage of the election tie into social media with all the promise of interactivity, virality--and, of course, misinformation--that the latter offers? Are the various campaigns (currently 25 and counting…) developing their own streaming channels and, if so, what could be the implications of this in a society where people seem to be getting their news filtered through increasingly partisan lenses? And what kind of disruptive role could new video technologies--including deepfakes--play in the 2020 election? Panelists include:

Remember: TVOT SF 2019 takes place two weeks from now, on June 12th and 13th




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