Simplifying Video Ad Delivery at TVOT SF 2019

ITVT is pleased to announce more details about a TVOT SF 2019 session that will explore the next generation of IAB Tech Lab Standards (VAST 4.x, SIMID and OMID) for simplifying video ad delivery.

Here's the listing for the session from the show agenda:



10:50-11:35AM, June 13th
Hawthorn Room
Simplifying Video Ad Delivery with the Next Generation of IAB Tech Lab Standards 

The current VSUITE standards have been around for over a decade and have started facing challenges keeping up with technology changes (growth of mobile, OTT, SSAI, explosion of device types/bandwidth profiles, etc.). These challenges result in issues around delivering media assets, reducing errors, addressing privacy and data leakage concerns, managing a good cross-platform experience, and more. 

The new set of standards (VAST 4.x, SIMID and OMID) released over the last few months address these technology challenges and also apply some much-needed discipline and transparency. This session will bring together some of the key contributors to the IAB Tech Lab's Digital Video and OTT Working Groups, in order to discuss the drivers that resulted in the changes and explore how these new standards will help the industry over the next few years. Panelists include:

Remember: TVOT SF 2019 takes place less than two weeks from now, on June 12th and 13th

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