William M. Arkin Fireside at TVOT SF 2019, June 13th

ITVT is pleased to announce more details about a TVOT SF 2019 fireside chat with veteran journalist and commentator, William M. Arkin

Here's the listing for the session from the show agenda:

Thursday, June 13th
10:50-11:35AM, June 13th
Cypress Room
Fireside: Veteran Journalist and Commentator, William M. Arkin

William M. Arkin made headlines earlier this year when his resignation letter to NBC News--where he had worked as a reporter, military analyst and consultant for three decades--became public. In the letter, Arkin criticized NBC News and the US news media in general for their obsession with the "Trump Circus" (it is, of course, important to note that he is himself no fan of the 45th president, describing him as an "ignorant and incompetent impostor"), and for their credulous and superficial coverage of the US national security establishment and its military interventions.

In conversation with Seth Haberman, CEO of Sense Education, Arkin will elaborate on his criticisms of the news media and outline how he believes TV news operations can improve their reporting and become an effective check on abuses of power.

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