TVOT NYC 2019 Session Audio Recordings Now Available

ITVT is pleased to offer audio recordings of all the panels, presentations and firesides from TVOT NYC 2019 2019 (December 4th).

Each recording comes with a list of speakers for the session, as well as a description of the session from the show brochure.

The recordings are priced at $145 each (if you purchase more than one, you will receive a $50 discount on each recording: contact us at to obtain this discount). Transcripts of each session are available on request, and cost an additional $100.

We will also be publishing a selection of TVOT NYC 2019 sessions in the ITVT newsletter in the coming months.

LIST OF TVOT NYC 2019 Sessions:

The ROI of UX

Addressable-TV Mini-Track I: Insights from Addressable's Pioneers

Streaming the News: The Legacy Brands Rebrand

Addressable TV Mini-Track II: Linear Addressability--the Opportunity, Scaling Up, and the Challenges Ahead

Keynote: On Addressability; A Programmer's Perspective

Understanding the Fragmented Audience: New Developments in Measurement and Data Science

The Research Infrastructure for Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Services

Fireside: David Goodfriend, Founder, Locast, in Conversation with Tim Hanlon, CEO, The Vertere Group

Fireside: Melissa Rosenthal, EVP, Cheddar, in Conversation with Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia

The Sky Is Falling? Research Chiefs on the Evolving Network Audience

Niche OTT: New Kinds of Opportunities for New Kinds of Content

Advanced TV in Local Markets: Cross-Platform Status and Trends

ATSC 3.0 Mini-Track I: Consumer Insights

ATSC 3.0 Mini-Track II: From ATSC 3.0 to NEXTGEN TV

ATSC 3.0 Mini-Track III: The Long View

Focus on Project OAR

Activating a Campaign in a Multichannel World

The Viewers Have Changed. Can We?

The Economics of OTT TV: New Monetization Models and Their Implications

Attribution from All Angles

Focus on WarnerMedia and Xandr

2019: Living in a Peak TV World

Preparing for the CCPA

AI and ML Take Over TV: Monetizing Data in Every Pixel

The Evolution of CTV Advertising

Fireside: Beyond "Bandersnatch": Where Do We Go Next with Interactivity?

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