Televisionation: TikTok Creativity from Chapman University Students

Televisionation: TikTok Creativity from Chapman University Students - TVOT/ITVT is pleased to present another episode of “Televisionation,” our new video/audio podcast exploring the advanced/interactive-TV industry in the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Era.
This episode is a little different from our usual interview format: it showcases an inspiring and heartwarming project from the Advanced Web Video Production class taught (remotely, of course) by Professor Frank Chindamo of Chapman University’s famous Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Amidst all the dire news flooding our Twitter feeds and news shows, Professor Chindamo is tasking his students with producing TikTok videos that focus on a recent good news story. The creative videos the students have come up with can be viewed on a dedicated TikTok channel, “ForYouFromUs”:
This is a short video featuring a few highlights of the final presentations. Be sure to catch a short cameo of YouTube star, David Dobrick!
(Note: If you would like to share your thoughts on how the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis will change the TV and advertising industries, and tell us what your company—or you yourself—are doing to prepare for this new reality, please contact us at
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