TVOT LIVE! Keynote and Presentation Announcements

ITVT is pleased to reveal more details about the following TVOT LIVE! keynotes and presentations (note: TVOT LIVE! takes place September 8th, 9th and 10th; view the full show schedule here; purchase your TVOT LIVE! tickets here):


4:45-5:15PM Eastern (1:45-2:15PM Pacific)
Main Stage
Keynote by Ben Relles, Head of Innovation, YouTube Originals

Ben Relles, Head of Innovation for YouTube Originals, will showcase some of the most unique examples of interactivity on YouTube. The keynote presentation will outline how involving an audience in programming whether live or VOD can lead to more creative possibilities and a better experience for fans. It will feature examples from YouTube Originals, as well as content from creators, brands and media companies across the platform. Examples will highlight how content creators can apply similar strategies to their own programming.


10:50-11:15AM Eastern (7:50-8:15AM Pacific)
Main Stage
The New Face of the American Electorate: Reaching the Hispanic Voter 

With less than three months to go before the 2020 presidential election, political advertisers are going beyond traditional geo-targeting to reach key audiences. And TV advertising, one of the most valuable platforms during a normal election year, may be the most influential platform available in 2020. In this fireside discussion, Adriana Waterston, SVP of Insights and Strategy at Horowitz Research, moderates The Lincoln Project’s Mike Madrid and Effectv’s VP of Political Advertising, Dan Sinagoga, in a lively discussion on the art and science of unlocking the power of Hispanic audiences, what matters to them and where their voices make a difference.


5:30-5:45PM Eastern (2:30-2:45PM Pacific)
Main Stage
Showcasing the new National Representative Panel (NRP) from Inscape and Deductive
This session will showcase the new National Representative Panel (NRP), which is the result of a partnership between VIZIO’s Inscape and data-services company, Deductive (formerly Dativa). Built on millions of ACR-enabled smart TVs, the NRP applies anonymous consumer data from several sources in order to provide representative TV viewing data for all US households, demographics and geographies, across a broad set of consumer and household attributes. Presenters:


7:20-7:45PM Eastern (4:20-4:45PM Pacific)
Main Stage
Predicting the Pandemic
How is the pandemic impacting entertainment, and what will the “new normal” look like?
The pandemic has impacted every part of Americans’ lives: their income, what they do for fun, and their expectations and optimism about the future. And while everyone has felt the impact, there are big differences based on where people live, what kind of job they have, and the information sources they use (or trust) to learn about the pandemic.
Jon Giegengack, Founder and Principal at Hub Entertainment Research, will present findings from Hub’s new tracking study, “Predicting the Pandemic”. Attendees will learn:
  • How do people feel? How are consumers weathering the pandemic emotionally, and what specific conditions need to be met before they are comfortable returning to old habits?
  • What are they doing? How has entertainment consumption changed since the lockdowns in March?
  • Who is most affected? Which consumer segments have made the biggest changes in behavior and consumption?
  • What will the “new normal” look like? Which new providers and habits will fade as things return to normal, and which will stick around?



10:05-10:25AM Eastern (7:05-7:25AM Pacific)
Main Stage
FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report (VMR) 1H’20: Accelerating Change in a Time of Uncertainty

The premium video ecosystem has evolved alongside changes in viewing behavior. But when a global pandemic confined people to their homes, TV in all its forms became a lifeline for consumers and brands alike. And in so doing, it fast-tracked all the trends the VMR has illuminated over the past decade. Leveraging FreeWheel’s unique data for the first six months of 2020, David Dworin, FreeWheel’s VP of Advisory Services, will provide a “first look” at the impact of Covid-19 across the ecosystem—including the accelerated rise of OTT/CTV, the shift to programmatic, and other changes in the rapidly shifting world of ad-supported video.

North America