Televisionation: Erica Schmidt, Global CEO of Matterkind, in Conversation with the iTV Doctor

514101199 - Televisionation: Friday Fireside features Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, in conversation with prominent figures from the advanced-TV/video industry.

This week’s Friday Fireside guest is Erica Schmidt, Global CEO of Matterkind, the advertising technology unit of IPG (Interpublic Group). Matterkind (previously Cadreon) offers an expanded and enhanced suite of addressable activation solutions and advisory services, taking a people-first and ethical approach to engaging audiences and driving meaningful real business outcomes both across and within channels. Erica talks about launching Matterkind two months into the Covid-19 Pandemic (!!!!), emphasizing how their AI-fueled optimization engine allowed advertisers to evaluate and reconfigure their advertising strategies (often more than once) during 2020, and how that learning prepares the industry for continue rapid growth through 2023 and beyond.


North America