TVOT LIVE Panel: Audience-Based Buying in Action

TVOT LIVE! 2021 - Audience-Based Buying in Action

ITVT is pleased to present “Audience-Based Buying in Action,” a panel from our recent, week-long virtual conference, TVOT LIVE! Spring 2021. Here’s the description of the panel from the conference agenda:
“As the industy continues to evolve towards a data-driven, audience-first buying approach, we'll hear from those working to enable this change. Through three conversations, we'll hear the fresh perspectives and first-hand experiences of these industry leaders. We'll discuss how to best unlock the potential of audience-based buying, how success is being quantified, and new innovations in how audiences are defined, bought, measured and optimized for impact.
Part I: Why ABB Is Important
We'll talk about why the shift to an audience-based buying mindset is important for our industry. Session will provide a high-level discussion of where we are today, how brands are adopting ABB, and what successes they have had. Panelists include:
Part II: Focus on Measurement
This discussion will focus on measurement. We'll talk about how brands are measuring success and which key performance indicators (KPIs) they are optimizing against. Panelists include:
Part III: Where Are We Going?
In this discussion, we'll talk about where we're going. We'll hear valuable insight from those involved in what's next in audience-based buying. Panelists include:
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