TVOT LIVE! 2021 Panel: Advanced-TV Initiatives

TVOT LIVE 2021 - Panel: Advanced-TV Initiatives

ITVT/TVOT is pleased to present “Advanced-TV Initiatives,” a panel from our recent, week-long virtual conference, TVOT LIVE! Spring 2021. Here’s the description of the panel, which was conceived and moderated by Howard ShimmelPresident of Janus Strategy & Insights:

“The evolution of television from a linear, one-to-many ecosystem focused on broad age/sex demographics to a digital, addressable ecosystem continues to move at a rapid pace. Advanced television now includes data-driven linear, addressable TV through both the cable set-top box and an enabled smart TV, AVOD through services like PrendeTV, and connected TV inventory through TV OEMs like Samsung. Each of these platforms is at a slightly different point in its evolution. They also differ in terms of the data that they use to execute and measure campaigns. Our panel will include experts on each addressable TV platform, who will discuss their roadmaps, strengths and weaknesses and challenges, and an expert from the agency world, who will discuss client side view, especially the challenge of having to utilize these platforms together to drive advertiser campaign success.” Panelists included:


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