Liquidus Officially Launches its VOD Classifieds Offering

Liquidus, a Chicago-based company that has actually been working on
VOD classified advertising with Comcast Spotlight since 2005 (note:
last fall, it signed a five-year deal with the MSO), recently emerged
from semi-stealth mode and officially launched its flagship products for
transforming still images into video-enabled classified ads (via such
techniques as pans and zooms, and the insertion of graphics, music and
voiceovers), and for then distributing them.
The company, which says it
is now providing VOD advertising services to a number of cable
companies in addition to Comcast (including Bresnan, Bright House,
Charter, Cox and Time Warner Cable), claims that the products are
generating on-demand classifieds in 30 cable markets, where they reach
around 10 million households. The products are: 1) SpotSense, which
provides advertisers with an online interface for creating and modifying
VOD ads on a weekly basis, and for then selecting the markets in
which they will run; and 2) VideoLink, an extension of SpotSense that
allows advertisers to create and modify video-enabled classified ads for
distribution on the Internet (the company says that, when VideoLink
ads are updated, they automatically update in every location to which
they have been distributed). "Today is a big day for the future of

video-based advertising," Todd Holmes, co-founder and CEO of
Liquidus, said in a prepared statement. "We have a proven solution that
solves the major hurdles advertisers have faced to date--dated ads, poor
user interface and no way to generate localized ads on a mass scale
nationwide. Customers can now advertise on TV and the Internet 24/7,
place ads locally or nationally, and modify ads quickly so the content is
always fresh. Traditional mass-market advertising is dead." Liquidus
claims to be producing "tens of thousands" of video ads each week, and
says that that number will grow to 150,000 per week by mid-2008. It
also says it plans to extend its' products capabilities to other media
channels, including mobiles.