Shalom TV Launches National VOD Service on Comcast

Shalom TV, a TV channel devoted to Jewish culture, has launched a
line-up of free programming on Comcast On Demand--marking, the
channel says, the first time that a major US cable operator has offered a
Jewish-themed channel as part of its national VOD line-up--as well as
on Time Warner Cable of New York and New Jersey's VOD service.

The channel's programming includes Jewish-themed English-language
films, subtitled Israeli films, news and public affairs coverage, cultural
and celebrity shows, shows devoted to Torah study, and original
children's shows. "Comcast is committed to delivering programming
that reflects the diverse interests of our customers, and Shalom TV does
that," Diana Kerekes, Comcast's VP of video content, said in a prepared
statement. "We're pleased to now make it available at no additional cost
to the majority of our digital cable customers with On Demand."

According to Shalom TV, Comcast serves nine of the top 11 Jewish
markets in the US, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Miami/South
Florida, San Francisco, and New Jersey. Comcast previously offered
the channel as an SVOD service in Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Washington, DC, and has been offering it as a free-to-view service in
those markets since launching it nationwide on February 1st. Among
the other Comcast markets where the channel will be available are
Atlanta, Denver, Hartford and New Haven, Houston, Indianapolis,
Jacksonville, Memphis, Minneapolis, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Portland,
Richmond, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Tucson.