Pushbutton Revamps National Geographic Channel's ITV Service on Sky

UK-based interactive TV design company, Pushbutton, has redesigned
and reengineered the ITV service that its long-standing client, National
Geographic Channel, offers on the Sky satellite platform.
According to
the company, the revamp of the service is intended to switch its
emphasis to bonus video and promotional reels for new shows. "With
top-quality short-form videos always available from National
Geographic channel, it made sense in the YouTube era to plug that into
NGC's interactive TV service," Pushbutton's director of interactive
television, James Cumberbatch, said in a prepared statement. The
service also now has a completely new look, based on a series of
"skins" that are each intended to reflect the branding of one of National
Geographic's series: a new skin appears on the service every couple of
weeks, in conjunction with new series launches and other
programming-promotion activities.

According to Pushbutton, the new design has been achieved by
developing the most flexible palette for an ITV service that the
company has created to date: it says that all assets, including bitmap
images, backgrounds, videostreams and button shapes, can be quickly
reassembled to create new skins, thus allowing much greater creative
freedom for interactive producers. While various interactive features
from the previous version of the service--such as a "fact ticker," votes,
competitions and a "viewers' club"--have been retained in the new
version, they now sport what Pushbutton describes as a "more attractive
image-heavy look and minimal text."

In addition, Pushbutton says, the National Geographic ITV service has
been strengthened on the backend, in order to allow the channel to use
it more effectively as a vehicle for sponsorship. Among other things,
the service now supports "deep linking" from a trigger directly to a
specific item in the service; and supports multiple responses with
different phone tariffs, in order to allow, for example, a sponsoring car
manufacturer to embed a brochure or test drive request into its
sponsor's area. Other new features include direct sign-up from the
service for the National Geographic viewers' club, in order to allow the
channel to aggressively market membership via the service.