Japan's Zentek Targets North American DTV Market with tru2way Solution

Zentek, a Tokyo-based provider of software and engineering services
for the DTV market, earlier this month launched a
tru2way/OCAP-based solution, targeted at the North American market.

Dubbed MediaStack-tru2way, the solution includes CableCARD and
DTV middleware and libraries, and is billed as enabling set-top and
iDTV manufacturers to shorten their development cycle for
tru2way-based DTV products. Zentek says that it can also provide
customers of the solution with access to a bidirectional headend located
in its San Mateo, Calif. offices, thus enabling development-time testing
with tru2way streams. "Zentek has developed an integrated reference
solution to reduce the development risk of tru2way for digital set-top
box and TV manufacturers," Zentek CEO, Shozo Ohtani, said in a
prepared statement. "MediaStack-tru2way and Zentek's ATSC and
CableCARD libraries provide the software solution for many products
targeted to the North American market, promising short product
development and quick time-to-market."