Comcast Media Center Launches HITS Broadband

--Says it will Enable Small Operators to Offer Advanced Interactivity

Comcast Media Center (CMC)--a business unit of the eponymous MSO
that provides centralized content-management and distribution services
for cable operators, programming networks and advertisers--has
launched a service called HITS (stands for "Headend in the Sky")
Broadband, which it says will provide IP connectivity to cable
operators and enable them to launch advanced, interactive services that
it will support.
"By tapping into Comcast's terrestrial fiber capabilities,
the CMC can provide a cost-effective alternative to cable MSO's for
addressing their IP connectivity needs," CMC COO, Gary Traver, said
in a prepared statement. "This is becoming increasingly important as
the industry moves toward an IP-based operating environment."

The CMC says that it is working with its industry partners to expand
the capabilities of its content-management services to support the
deployment of IP-based applications, including apps based on the cable
industry's tru2way (formerly OCAP) platform. It claims that, just as its
HITS service minimizes the headend equipment and on-site tech
support required for launching DTV services, the enhancements to its
centralized content-management services will allow customers of its
HITS Quantum service (provides around 210 linear HD and SD video
and audio channels) to avoid much of the investment required for
managing advanced applications.