Verizon Launches FiOS HD VOD in More Markets

--Interactive Media Guide Now Available across Entire FiOS Footprint

US incumbent telco Verizon has launched HD VOD service in parts of
nine more states where it offers its FiOS TV service: California,
Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, eastern
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas (note: it has also announced
plans to launch it in Oregon in the near future).
It initially launched the
service last December in Florida, Indiana, western Pennsylvania and
Virginia. It also recently expanded the service's content line-up via new
deals with CBS (note: the CBS deal allowed it to offer both SD and HD
on-demand coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball
tournament), Discovery, Music Choice, HDNet, Howcast (DIY
content) and Ovation TV (note: the service's content includes free HD
programs from a range of sources, including instructional videos from
Howcast, movies from FearNet, and music programming from Blastro
Music, as well as a selection of new-release movies), and says that it
aims to offer over 1,000 HD VOD titles this year. Verizon's SD and
HD VOD services together offer around 10,000 titles a month, around
70% of which are free-to-view. Its SD free-on-demand content includes
sports, lifestyle and children's programming from high-profile networks
and channels, such as CBS, Discovery, NFL Network, HGTV, TLC,
USA Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, as well as special-
interest programming from niche channels, such as World Fishing
Network and Smithsonian Channel, and movies from Film Fest
Channel and other providers. The FiOS VOD service also offers
new-release movies on a pay-per-view basis, and content from
premium programmers, such as HBO and Showtime, on a subscription

In other Verizon FiOS news:

  • The company has rolled out its interactive media guide in New York,
    Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania--which means that the guide
    is now available across the entire FiOS TV footprint. It previously
    launched the guide in western Pennsylvania, California, Florida,
    Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island,
    Texas and Virginia. The guide allows viewers to access programming
    from FiOS TV's linear-TV and VOD services, and from their DVR's, as
    well as personal music and photos from their home network (note: in
    order to access home media content, viewers must have access to FiOS
    TV's Media Manager, which is part of its DVR service). According to
    Verizon, future versions of the guide will allow viewers to access
    Internet video and radio, podcasts and games; and will also allow them
    to use mobile phones and the Internet to schedule their DVR's and
    manage their home media (note: for an in-depth overview of the guide,
    see [itvt] Issue 7.39 Part 3A).
  • The company recently filed an application with New York City's
    Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications to
    offer FiOS TV in the city.