Gotuit in Deals with Sports Illustrated, MLS, Carleton University

Gotuit Media--a company that offers metadata technologies which,
among other things, allow end-users to instantly access the parts of a
piece of video that interest them, and which can also be used by video
publishers to allow end-users to make mash-ups out of their
content--said last week that Sports Illustrated has once again tapped it
to power a version of its SI FilmRoom video portal service devoted to
the NFL Draft.
According to Gotuit, the Sports Illustrated 2008 NFL
Draft FilmRoom, which launched April 15th and which is offered free
of charge (it is supported by in-stream and in-page advertising), uses its
metadata technology to provide viewers with advanced video
navigation and search capabilities: viewers can personalize their
experience of the portal and navigate its video library by Mock Draft,
Player, College or Position. Once the draft is complete, there will be
new playlists organized by Actual Draft Order and NFL Team, the
company says. Viewers can also search the entire video library to build
dynamic playlists. "This is our sixth FilmRoom with SI, as they
understand that how you organize and present your video library is as
important as the video itself," Dan Gill, Gotuit's VP of business
development, said in a prepared statement. "Presenting multiple paths
for viewers is critical, as viewers have different reasons for visiting the
video portal. Who are the QB's in the draft? Who does SI project to be
taken first? Who is from my alma mater? Who did my team take?
Gotuit's patented technology uses metadata to give viewers an easy and
simple way to get to the video most interesting to them."

Earlier this year, Sports Illustrated tapped Gotuit to power an SI
FilmRoom video service devoted to the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball
Tournament. The service, which was sponsored by RadioShack, let
fans personalize their viewing of regular-season video highlights of
their favorite teams in the tournament: a "By Seed" view allowed them
to watch video of just the top-seeded teams in the tournament; a "By
Conference" view let them watch a playlist of the teams in a specific
conference (e.g. Big East, Big 10); a "By Team" view let them use an
alphabetical list to reach video of a particular team; and a "Still Alive"
playlist was updated throughout the tournament, as the field shrank
from 65 down to the eventual champion. In addition, fans could share
direct links and embed video in their own sites and blogs. "We are
honored to continue to deploy innovative video products with Sports
Illustrated," Gotuit's Gill said in a prepared statement. "They share our
vision of providing viewers with the ability to personalize their video
viewing experience in a simple and intuitive manner. In SI's
FilmRoom, Gotuit's rich metadata and patented technology empowers
SI to present the video library in ways that puts their users in complete
control of their viewing experience. Also, Gotuit's advertising logic
ensures that users see an optimized amount of targeted advertisements
no matter what path they take through the library."

In other Gotuit news:

  • Major League Soccer has selected the company to power its
    QuickKicks broadband video portal for the third consecutive year.
    According to Gotuit, the new portal makes each televised MLS game
    (including the playoffs and the championship) viewable online through
    several video playlists, including Game Highlights, Goals, Saves, Best
    Runs, Set Pieces, and specific player highlights from two players on
    each team; offers deep video search capabilities across its entire library
    and within each game video; offers viral sharing features, such as direct
    links and embeddable players (down to individual plays); and provides
    a new feature called MLS QuickKicks One-Touch. The latter focuses
    on one star player from MLS Prime Time Thursday on ESPN2 and one
    star player from Saturday night's soccer action; every play for that
    player is presented for each game, allowing viewers instant access and
    the ability to customize their own highlights packages for MLS stars,
    Gotuit says. "We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Major
    League Soccer, as QuickKicks is one of the best examples of
    unleashing the full potential of a video library using metadata," Gotuit
    CEO, Mark Pascarella, said in a prepared statement. "Without the need
    for any video editing, MLS is able to surface their top plays and top
    players to drive audience engagement, session time, and monetization
    of their game video. Gotuit's patented technology makes this possible
    and helps MLS truly differentiate their video portal."

  • The company says that Carleton University is using its technology to
    power a broadband video portal, dubbed Carleton University
    VideoNotes, that allows students to view, index, annotate, remix,
    search and share video of class lectures. "By allowing students to create
    their own lecture highlight reels with their own comments and
    annotations, we are providing a rich, personalized learning and
    enhanced studying experience," Patrick Lyons, manager of
    instructional innovation at Carleton University, said in a prepared
    statement. "We believe students will get great value from being able to
    search the lecture videos to find the precise topic or concept they are
    interested in reviewing, then see their classmates' notes and playlists for
    that topic." The new Gotuit-powered portal enhances an existing
    broadband VOD service through which Carleton University's
    30-year-old distance-learning service, CUTV, has been making
    available video of all its courses for the past three years. At launch,
    VideoNotes offers full-length video from each lecture, uploaded shortly
    after class. Students can index the video by marking key segments and
    adding their own information, such as Note Title, Description and
    Keywords. According to Gotuit, all this metadata is searchable by the
    community, allowing end-users to search inside each video lecture for
    particular segments of interest. End-users can then compile the key
    segments across the lectures into Video Notebooks for particular topics
    and study guides, and can send links and share their Video Notebooks
    with other users. "Using the Gotuit approach of harnessing metadata
    vallows Carleton to deploy a solution that does not require editing
    videos or storing new videos for each student's VideoNotes," Gotuit's
    Pascarella said in a prepared statement. "This means it is easy to
    implement and easy to scale. We see offerings like Video Notebook
    becoming a core component for many educational institutions moving