UK Broadcaster ITV Moving to Prevent Use of "iTV" and "ITV" as Acronyms for Interactive TV?

InteractiveTV Today[itvt] was recently approached by UK commercial broadcaster, ITV (whose name is an acronym for "Independent Television Network"), with a request that we amend our logo on the grounds that it is infringing on the broadcaster's brand. In addition, we have received informal reports that a number of other companies have been contacted about altering their branding to avoid infringement on ITV's trademark--with some even claiming to have been told by the broadcaster that the use of the acronym "iTV" to refer editorially to interactive TV in general infringes upon its trademark.

As ITV's efforts to protect its brand are clearly something that could have a significant impact on our industry (and certainly on that industry's branding), we are currently working on putting together editorial coverage of these developments. If your company has been contacted by ITV about use of the acronyms "iTV" or "ITV" in its branding or elsewhere, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Please email us at or call us at 415-824-5806.


New Issues of the [itvt] Newsletter

The latest issues of the [itvt] newsletter are now available on the Web at: Issue 7.86 Issue 7.85 Issue 7.84 Issue 7.83 Issue 7.82 Issue 7.81

Issue 7.86 contains a recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," in which Steven Roberts, SVP of new media and business development at DirecTV, and Tyler Slocum, the company's senior director of ITV and DVR services, provide an update on DirecTV's interactive TV offerings. Topics discussed include usage statistics for DirecTV's various ITV services, the company's ITV strategy, its future ITV and DVR plans, and more.

Issue 7.85 contains a transcribed, long-format interview, in which Vibha Rustagi, president and CEO of itaas, and Greg Thomson, SVP of product management and business development at TVWorks, discuss the companies' new deal, which sees itaas operating a developer program for TVWorks' ETV and OCAP/tru2way platforms. They also discuss the significance of and the relationship between the ETV and OCAP/tru2way standards; ongoing efforts by the cable industry to encourage PC and mobile developers to build applications to those standards; and more.

Issue 7.84 contains a recorded episode of "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," in which Michael Finn, VP of advertising sales at DISH Network, and Scott Higgins, the company's director of interactive programming, discuss DISH's new interactive TV advertising deal with NBC Universal, and the company's plans to make increasing use of the DVR hard drive for its interactive TV offerings.

Issue 7.83 contains a recorded episode of "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," in which Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, provides an overview of his company--which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web," and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming. Topics discussed include funding, download numbers, revenues, demographics, distribution strategy, content strategy, advertising partnerships, new shows, and more.

Issue 7.82 contains a transcribed, long-format interview with Tara Maitra, VP and general manager of content services at TiVo. She discusses, among other things, TiVo's deal with YouTube (which sees the companies collaborating to replicate as much of YouTube's social experience as possible on the television set); the business strategy behind the company's broadband programming line-up; and the kinds of content that are proving most popular with TiVo subscribers.

Issue 7.81 contains a recorded episode of "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," in which a panel of interactive TV experts--Steve Borelli, VP of marketing and business development at Integra5; industry analyst, Leslie Ellis (author of the popular Multichannel News column, "Translation Please"); Will Kreth, director of product management for interactive TV at Time Warner Cable; Alex Libkind, founder and COO of Zodiac Interactive; Mike Malcy, VP of marketing and business development at Vidiom Systems; and Gary Sohmers, chairman and president of Interactive Meet And Greet Entertainment (IMAGE)--review the 2008 NCTA Cable Show which took place last month in New Orleans. Topics discussed include the very well-attended tru2way Developers Conference that immediately preceded the show; what the cable operators were saying about their plans to support the ETV and tru2way standards; noteworthy interactive TV applications on the show floor; the emerging popularity of social-networking ITV applications; what should have been discussed and showcased at the show, but wasn't; and much, much more.