CableLabs Trumpets tru2way and ETV Presence at Cable Show

US cable-industry research, development and standards organization,
CableLabs, recently issued a press release trumpeting the "broad
exposure" enjoyed by tru2way- and ETV/EBIF-based interactive TV
applications at this year's NCTA Cable Show. Among the Cable Show
tru2way and ETV demos highlighted by CableLabs in the release:

  • Softel-USA demo'd its multiplatform, multi-middleware MediaSphere
    TX carousel playing out both tru2way and ETV applications;
    showcased application testing via its MediaSphere Desktop and its full
    headend-in-a-box; and demo'd its MediaSphere Manager configuration
    and management tool which it says drives the same API found in the
    SDK that's available to all users.
  • Strategy & Technology and its US partner, UniSoft, demo'd its
    TSBroadcaster 2.0 for tru2way creating and broadcasting multi-service
    transport streams containing a number of tru2way and ETV
    applications. The companies' ETV demo's included ad-insertion and
    splicing, validation of ETV and tru2way applications, tru2way
    benchmark testing using Sofia's Benchmark System, and the generation
    of authenticated tru2way applications using UniSoft's tru2way Security
    File Generator.

  • Zodiac Interactive demo'd its tru2way-based Zidget framework,
    which uses the company's plug-in architecture to support such
    applications as local search, weather, traffic, sports scores and local
    news without interrupting the TV viewing experience.
  • BIAP demo'd market-ready EBIF applications, including its Yellow
    Pages on TV, eBay on TV and PiTV apps, running on the company's
    EBIF User Agent platform.
  • Cisco showcased a number of tru2way applications in its booth,
    including Time Warner Cable's digital navigator program guide,
    Comcast's new iGuide, and Navic Networks' enhanced programming
    and advertising.
  • CNN demo'd an Ensequence-developed program and sports-news
  • Comcast demo'd its Chill Games service, which is being developed
    by Oberon Media and which offers casual games.
  • Comcast Media Center showcased its new, national platform for
    deploying and managing ETV and tru2way applications (see article in
    this issue).
  • Cox Communications demo'd a new user interface that has been
    developed for it by NDS (see article in this issue).
  • Ensequence demo'd tru2way and EBIF applications that it has
    developed for WWE and Ford.
  • Harmonic demo'd tru2way-integrated, video-rich navigation
    technologies for on-demand and user-generated content.

  • HSN showcased its work with Tandberg and Ensequence on
    developing EBIF/tru2way versions of its seminal tcommerce
    application, "Shop by Remote" (currently available in around 15
    million homes).
  • ActiveVideo Networks (formerly ICTV) demo'd ETV applications
    that drew on Web media to offer such services as social networking and
    personalized mosaics (see article in this issue).
  • itaas showcased tru2way and EBIF applications that it has adapted for
    deployment on both Scientific-Atlanta (Cisco) and Motorola set-top
    boxes, including TAG Networks games-on-demand, Cisco Web Video
    on TV, and Integra5 caller-ID. It also demo'd its MPTV Gateway
    enabling portability of content from TV to mobile and broadband.
  • Motorola demo'd the media mobility capabilities of its tru2way
    platform, including such features as whole-home DVR, caller-ID,
    external hard drive support, and a Time Warner music- and
    photo-sharing application. It also demo'd Comcast's next-generation
    guide and a PC-based tru2way application development environment.
  • Navic Networks demo'd tru2way applications for advanced
    advertising, audience measurement and interactive customer care, as
    well as the new ETV/EBIF-compatibility of its HyperCast Network
    (see article in this issue).
  • Oberon Media demo'd a games service that features branded titles
    licensed from Hasbro, Atari, WPT Enterprises and the Learning
    Company, and that integrates the company's JIVE community platform
    (enables the creation, integration and management of multiplayer,
    cross-platform games, and generates audience-measurement analytics).
  • QVC demo'd a new tcommerce application called the QVC Buy
  • TVWorks demo'd various applications for advanced advertising,
    personal media and communications, navigation, customer care and
  • The Weather Channel demo'd an application that offers information
    on local weather and airport conditions and that is being developed by
    Vidiom Systems.

(Note: for an in-depth review of tru2way and OCAP at the NCTA
Cable Show, see [itvt] Issue 7.81.)