Five, YooMedia Team to Launch New ITV-Enabled Channel on Sky

UK commercial terrestrial broadcaster, Five, has teamed with interactive TV content and services company, YooMedia, to launch a new channel on the Sky satellite platform. Dubbed "YooPlay TV," the channel, which began broadcasting last week, features a variety of ITV programming, including YooMedia's Puzzle Time and Cash Quiz formats. As of yesterday, the channel has also been airing an extended version of Five's daily quiz show, Brainteaser, in what the companies describe as a "pilot run": the YooPlay TV version of the show has no contestants in the studio; instead, the show's host poses questions directly to viewers at home. (Note: the Endemol-produced show, which airs on Five between 1:00PM and 2:00PM on weekdays, will air daily on YooPlay TV between 2:00PM and 6:00PM.) The joint venture agreement between YooMedia and Five will see the latter cross- promoting the YooPlay TV version of Brainteaser from its channel: the broadcaster will run promotional inserts for the extended version during and after its own broadcasts of Brainteaser. YooMedia says that its partnership agreement with Five is "for an initial pilot phase" of 13 weeks, and that it includes an option to extend the partnership into 2006: it says that YooPlay TV is not expected to make a material contribution to its operating profits during the current financial year. "We are delighted by the prospect of both developing the YooPlay brand through the launch of this channel and the regular broadcast of our own participation TV show," YooMedia group managing director, Neil MacDonald, said in a prepared statement. "The opportunity to host an extended version of the UK's most successful format of this type and to work with partners such as Five and Endemol is an added bonus for YooPlay TV."

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