SCOOP!!: Parts of Vidiom's Professional Services Business Sold to Founder, Wahlers

--Will Form Basis of New OCAP Company, enableTV
--Wahlers Explains Goals of New Company to [itvt]  










[itvt] has learned that Geneva-based ADB Group, which acquired US
tru2way/OCAP specialist, Vidiom Systems, back in February, 2006,
has sold parts of that company's professional services business back to
Vidiom Systems founder, Tim Wahlers.
The business will form the
basis of a new company, called enableTV, which has been set up by
Wahlers and which has around 60 employees, a number of whom were
formerly employed at Vidiom.

[itvt] caught up with Wahlers Sunday morning to find out more about
the new company and its goals: "ADB offered me an opportunity to
buy back these assets," he said. "Walden Miller [former Vidiom VP of
engineering services] and Mark Malinak [former Vidiom VP of
business development] are joining me, but Vidiom is keeping a number
of employees, including [VP of strategic initiatives] David Housman
and [VP of marketing] Mike Malcy. The assets we acquired are various
technologies and applications that were developed or licensed by
Vidiom. They include tools, such as the vCert testing technology and
the Vision Workbench application-development toolset, as well as the
iTV Dashboard application and Vidiom's license for the ODL [OCAP
Development, LLC] OCAP stack. Our main objective will be to

develop OCAP applications--those applications won't be tied to any
single stack, but obviously we are focusing on ODL. We hope to
expand our mission beyond just services, but in the near term, we will
be supporting OCAP, MHP, GEM and ETV/EBIF. We are developing
new tools and technologies for those standards. We will initially be
targeting our efforts at the cable industry, but we are also planning to
move into IPTV. We are currently working on the funding strategy for
the new company, and we expect to be making announcements about
this in the next few months. In addition to retaining a number of
technology assets and people from Vidiom, we have also signed an
MOU to acquire the Boulder operations of Solekai Systems, including
their testing facility and their cable services business. We're setting up
our operations in their former facilities. We believe that OCAP is
primed for market success, and especially for retail success, and one of
the things we'll be doing is selling the ODL OCAP stack. But until we
get closer to retail OCAP, the OCAP stack vendors are all going to be
fighting for sales to the cable operators. As it happens, a lot of the
operators aren't that much interested in the question of stacks--they're
just focused on the set-top boxes, and don't care which OCAP stack
they're using. But as we get closer to the retail availability of OCAP in
set-top boxes, a lot of opportunities are going to open up for the OCAP
stack vendors, so I think it's looking pretty good going forward."

Wahlers stressed that he could not comment on Vidiom's reasons for
selling him the assets that are now the core offerings of enableTV, nor
on what Vidiom will be doing going forward. However, it is no secret
that Vidiom has been refocusing its business strategy over the past few
months: in addition to reselling OCAP, MHP and Blu-ray software
stacks from its ADB Group-stablemate, Osmosys, it has been
significantly expanding its OCAP/tru2way application testing and
integration services (which are currently being used by a very
significant customer, Comcast Media Center's HITS AxIS, among
others), and has discontinued its application-development services.