beeTV Launches Platform Enabling "Personal Content Channels"

At the DEMOfall 08 conference in San Diego earlier this month, a company called beeTV unveiled a platform which it says allows viewers to choose the TV shows they want to watch by presenting them with a "personal content channel." According to the company, the platform can be used by IPTV, cable, satellite, and DTT operators and by mobile and broadband TV services to market and distribute their content in a "personal, push manner." When viewers launch their personal channel, it presents them with a personalized line-up of short clips of TV programs and movies (note: the clips can be presented as a video mosaic that offers various configurations or as a linear stream), from which they can then choose the content that interests them and that they want to watch in full. According to the channel, the content line-up of each viewer's personalized channel is determined in real time by a "proprietary contextual matching algorithm" that draws on data derived from previous viewing behavior (i.e. which programs they select or reject; the platform presents viewers with four choices: "Watch," "Not Now," "Never" and "Record"), a consumer profile, timing sensitivity analysis and the business logic and marketing requirements of the viewer's pay-TV operator. beeTV says that a personal content channel's programming line-up can be drawn from a variety of sources, including broadcast and premium TV, VOD, SVOD, pay-per-view and PVR, and that its platform is designed to work on traditional, broadband and mobile TV. "beeTV is like having a best friend who understands what you're all about, and who sits around all day scouring the TV universe for programming you would enjoy when you do find time to sit down and watch," beeTV co-founder and chairman, Rodolfo Hecht, said in a prepared statement. "Channel surfing was fine when there were a limited number of networks. As the choice grows exponentially, flipping through channels is no longer a sustainable option." According to beeTV, its platform is based on a server-side technology, called beeHIVE, which interfaces with an operator's existing systems and which includes all beeTV's proprietary components.