SysMedia Expands Plasma Gold to Support Mobile Content

SysMedia, a UK-based company that specializes in content-management and production systems for teletext, subtitling and interactive TV, contacted [itvt] last week to let us know that it has expanded its Plasma Gold interactive content production and management system with a new output module that enables delivery to mobiles (note: according to SysMedia, Plasma Gold separates content from the way it's presented, using a templated design, and so offers "a powerful author-once/publish-to-many solution for multiplatform content production"; the company says that the platform is compliant with OCAP, ETV/EBIF and ACAP and also supports IPTV deployments). The company says it decided to expand the platform because "the publishing of text, images and adverts to handheld devices is a growing sector). According to the company, text, images, video clips and tabular information are first manually created or derived from data feeds, and then integrated with advertising; the output is then delivered in such a way as to be formatted correctly for the different classes of mobile handset, the company says. The company also claims that, via third-party integration, the solution can offer "clear monetizing possibilities" through categorized advertising facilities. "A mobile phone is a naturally interactive device, and users engage quickly with content that is compelling, topical and can be navigated easily," SysMedia CEO, Andrew Lambourne, explained. "By using feeds and scripts to populate the content, and by sharing the information with other platform deliveries, Plasma Gold enables customers to publish mobile content and add brand value without significantly adding to production costs. The new mobile output module for Plasma Gold increases the reach of cross-platform publishing and provides broadcasters with a fresh new way to connect audiences with their existing information. Our solution offers digital service publishers reduced costs and reduced time-to-market by eliminating bespoke development and maximizing the re-use potential of existing information."