Jacked Trumpets Usage Numbers for its Big Ten Network ITV Service

--Secures New Deals with the NBA, New York Giants

Santa Monica, Calif.-based two-screen interactive TV specialist, Jacked, Inc. (note: the company's first product, Jacked SportsTop, is a browser-based virtual desktop that features a dashboard of widgets and that is designed to provide synchronized two-screen ITV experiences specifically for sports broadcasts), has announced initial usage numbers for the two-screen ITV service it offers in partnership with college-sports channel, the Big Ten Network. According to the company, since the service launched on August 30th, nearly half of all fans who visited BigTenNetwork.com also logged into Big Ten SportsTop, the Big Ten-branded version of Jacked SportsTop, and those visitors spent an average of 40 minutes per visit. The companies are currently in the first year of a strategic partnership that will see them collaborating on two-screen ITV for all 11 teams in the Big Ten conference throughout the 2008/2009 NCAA football and basketball seasons. "Jacked's strategy is to help national and regional broadcasters provide interactive sportscasts with a local, personalized interface," Jacked founder and CEO, Bryan Biniak, said in a prepared statement. "Our partnership with the Big Ten Network delivers a highly targeted, engaging interface that also allows advertisers to reach one of the most dedicated fan bases in the sports world."

Jacked SportsTop allows viewers to choose from a catalog of customizable widgets, which they can add, delete, resize and save to their preferences, and which provide constantly updated player and game statistics, team photos, videos, news, and various interactive features, including sports trivia and real-time chat. Jacked bills the platform as enabling advertisers to reach "active" viewers--i.e. viewers who "chat about, participate in or search online for information related to what they are watching on television while they are watching it." According to Jacked, SportsTop currently supports all NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL games, as well as NCAA Division I football and basketball games. The company claims that SportsTop users spend an average of 25 minutes on the service whenever they log on. The platform allows ads to be geo-targeted and tied to events during a broadcast; in addition, Jacked says that the platform will eventually allow SportsTop ads to be synchronized with broadcast commercials.

In other Jacked news:
--The company has teamed with the NBA to launch a two-screen ITV service that it says will be utilized by a number of NBA teams and regional and local broadcasters during live NBA broadcasts throughout the 2008-09 basketball season. SportsTop widgets offered by the service include team news, photos, scores, play-by-play, player profiles, statistic, trivia, ticketing, merchandise, games, blogs, chats and advertising (note: the company says its platform can publish geographically targeted advertising on a national, regional and local basis). Jacked says it has integrated SportsTop into participating NBA team Web sites and sites operated by various regional sports networks and local TV stations. "Jacked is proud to be working closely with the NBA as an industry leader in providing NBA fans with real-time, interactive sportscasts," Jacked's Biniak said in a prepared statement. "This is an important milestone in our continuing efforts to deliver the most compelling participatory sports experiences to fans, and measurable engagement to advertisers."
--The company is partnering with the New York Giants to add interactivity to TV and radio broadcasts of all Giants regular-season and playoff games. According to Jacked, in the first three weeks of the partnership (which launched with the season opener on September 4th), over 20% of all visitors to Giants.com spent an average of 25 minutes on the New York Giants version of Jacked SportsTop.