PlayJam Lets Viewers Transmit Video on its Channel on Sky

--Announces Plans to Relaunch Interactive Game Show, "QuizNation"

PlayJam, the pioneering interactive TV games service which was acquired by OpenTV in 2001 (through the acquisition of its parent company, Static 2358), and which was re-purchased earlier this year by its founder, Jasper Smith, is now allowing viewers in the UK to transmit video on its channel on the Sky satellite TV platform. In October, the service--which is available in around 55 million households around the world and whose customers include BSkyB and DISH Network (it claims to have generated 8 billion plays over the past five years, and says that its user base is comprised primarily of females 35+)--began a public beta of a new Web site that offers free games, social networking, and the ability to upload user-generated videos. While PlayJam's service on the Sky platform is the first to incorporate video streaming into its interface, its DISH Network service is slated to follow suit in the coming months.

According to PlayJam, its various broadcaster partners will be promoting its new Web site directly, in order to encourage participation. Among other things, the site allows end-users to create personal profiles complete with videos and photos; write their own blogs; and invite and interact with friends. The company says that end-users who create accounts on the site will be rewarded for both gameplay and "positive behavior" across TV and Web platforms via an integrated loyalty system that automates regular prize competitions: the more "PlayJam Points" end-users score, the more competition entries they will receive, PlayJam says. In addition, the company says it plans to schedule "video-based events" on the site to encourage further user interaction and participation. "Our rich online proposition takes PlayJam's mantra of 'Play, Share and Win' to the next level, with significantly enhanced content, services and accessibility," PlayJam's head of online, Jeff Zie, said in a prepared statement. "Adding social networking, the uploading of user-generated content, behavioral targeting and a cross-platform reward scheme will drive PlayJamming amongst our core base whilst attracting and engaging new customers."

In other PlayJam news: The service has announced plans to relaunch the interactive game show, "QuizNation," on its channel on the Sky platform, as well as on its Web site, and says that the new version of the show will feature multiple enhancements. The live, mass-participation show originally launched in 2004 in the UK on Sky, and was also available in the US on GSN (formerly the Game Show Network). According to PlayJam, the new version of the show will launch early next year, and will allow thousands of participants to compete live and simultaneously in an entirely skill-based experience that tests speed, knowledge and judgment.

"QuizNation" was developed by Fluorescent Media, a boutique production company that specializes in developing, producing and distributing cross-platform formats designed to encourage mass audience participation. The company, which is also owned by Jasper Smith, claims to have enabled over 24,000 hours of live participation TV and radio globally, for such clients as ITV, MTV, TF1, GSN and GCAP. "We're really excited to bring back our proven format and brand both rejuvenated and refreshed to present a far more engaging proposition," Fluorescent Media managing director, Carolyn Maze, said in a prepared statement. "The new 'QuizNation' offers an appealing TV game show in which millions of viewers can participate and compete with each other, creating new revenue streams whilst securing viewer loyalty." Added PlayJam's Jeff Zie: "PlayJam is the ideal platform through which to broadcast 'QuizNation.' Offering an enticing, live game show through which contestants can compete, earn prizes and converse with each other will no doubt increase PlayJamming whilst driving new users to the network."