SinglePoint Launches Mobile Ad Marketplace for SMS- and MMS-Based ITV

SinglePoint--a Bellevue, Washington-based company which specializes in mobile-based interactive and participation TV, and which earlier this year was chosen by NBC Universal to provide mobile interactive TV services across a broad range of its programming and channels (note: according to research conducted by Nielsen, the company processed 84% of interactive TV transactions initiated by mobile text message users on the top four US carriers in the second half of 2007)--has launched a service, dubbed the SingleBrand Ad Marketplace, which it is billing as "the first real-time mobile advertising marketplace for SMS and MMS ad campaigns generated by popular interactive TV shows on major networks." According to the company, the new Ad Marketplace, which is part of its recently launched SingleBrand Advertising Platform, is designed to enable advertisers to easily browse available inventory, buy spots, submit creative and monitor results all via the Web. It presents users with an on-screen inventory of scheduled mobile messaging campaigns for each participating TV show, SinglePoint says, and uses the company's targeting technology to offer aggregated viewer data that allows further targeting by demographic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic criteria (note: the company also claims that it supports time- and location-sensitive campaigns). According to the company, networks and producers will benefit from being able to showcase their mobile ad inventory in one location, in order to maximize their use of inventory and competitive pricing.

In order to use the new SingleBrand Ad Marketplace, advertisers log on to a Web site to view available inventory, pricing and demographic reach. Then, when they have made their selections and the advertising is uploaded with associated preferences, this information is transmitted to the publisher in real time for viewing and approval. Publishers log on to the Ad Marketplace to define new inventory or review pending inventory buys, and can accept or reject advertising requests. Once advertisements are approved, they are queued for serving into the scheduled campaigns; then, once they are running, advertisers and publishers can view real-time performance metrics, such as impressions served, response rates and revenue earned. "SingleBrand Ad Marketplace represents a milestone in mobile advertising," SinglePoint president and CEO, Rich Begert, said in a prepared statement. "Brands and advertisers can now directly access this unique, highly targeted inventory in real time for an efficient and cost-effective marketplace experience. Within the month of September alone we served close to 5 million ad-eligible text messages."

SinglePoint claims that, by using the SingleBrand Advertising Platform (which also includes an ad-insertion platform), advertisers can easily and quickly buy inventory and submit ads for direct insertion into TV-originated mobile messaging campaigns. The service supports both SMS and MMS ad formats, and enables such types of direct response campaign as click-to-call, click-to-link and click-to-SMS, the company says. The Ad Marketplace is integrated with the SinglePoint product suite (supports applications such as ticketing/coupons, video streaming and content download), but can also be integrated with third-party campaign-creation and advertising-management solution, SinglePoint claims.