Orca Interactive in IPTV Deals with Russia's BCC, China's Yuxing

Israeli IPTV middleware and applications provider, Orca Interactive (note: earlier this year, the company was acquired by Viaccess--see [itvt] Issue 7.77 Part 1), has partnered with Russian systems integrator, BCC, on a wholesale, customizable IPTV solution for the Russian market. According to the companies, the solution has already been deployed by Russian regional incumbents, North-West Telecom, Siberia Telecom and Southern Telecommunications Company. The new partnership marks Orca's entrance into the Russian wholesale market.

The new joint wholesale solution is billed by the partners as enabling operators to generate new revenues by providing unique broadband and TV services to their subscribers under their own brand: each regional operator's service draws on TV channels, VOD content, authentication and reporting that are sourced from a "superheadend" based in Moscow. The solution combines Orca's open-architecture RiGHTv offering with BCC's implementation and maintenance capabilities: BCC is responsible for adapting it to meet the needs of operator customers by supporting localized content and custom user interfaces and EPG's. Orca bills the solution as providing "increased flexibility for diverse service scenarios using Orca's service delivery platform (SDP), ensuring overall compatibility with operators' systems, adaptability to various business processes and strong reliability and performance." "Through our partnership with BCC, we are looking forward to tapping the potential of the IPTV industry in Russia, a market that has remained in its infancy throughout the last few years," Sefy Ariely, Orca's VP of sales and marketing, said in a prepared statement. "We are confident that the implementation of a cost-efficient wholesale IPTV solution, adeptly carried out by BCC and powered by our highly flexible, customizable platform, will offer operators in Russia the architecture to effectively deliver IPTV to the masses." (Note: for an in- depth interview with Orca's Sefy Ariely, see [itvt] Issue 8.15.)

In other Orca Interactive news: The company says it has partnered with Chinese set-top box vendor, Yuxing, to develop an advanced, pre-integrated IPTV solution. According to the company, the solution, which is based on Orca's middleware and advanced set-tops from Yuxing, supports HD, MPEG-4 and CPVR, and, thanks to the Orca SUI software development kit, allows operators to tailor user interfaces and services to their specific local needs. Yuxing is the first Chinese vendor to join Orca's set-top box partnership program. "Our partnership with Yuxing represents not only a new strong foothold for Orca in Asia, but a solution that we anticipate will also sell very well in the USA and Latin America due to its combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness," Orca's Ariely said in a prepared statement. "As the market woes continue, the Yuxing/Orca offering will enable operators to launch and upgrade IPTV services at extremely low cost. It's a win-win solution for all."