Ensequence, Visible World Team on ETV/EBIF Advertising Solution

Ensequence Says Over 50 Blu-ray Titles Developed Using Create Software

Interactive TV authoring solutions provider, Ensequence, and addressable advertising specialist, Visible World, have teamed on an advertising solution which they say will provide media companies and advertisers with addressability, measurement and interactivity through a single platform, using the ETV/EBIF standard. According to the companies, the solution leverages ETV/EBIF to deliver interactive TV advertising to specifically targeted audiences through Ensequence's ITV technology and Visible World's intelliSpot Connect platform (note: the latter is billed as an addressable network that enables advertisers to target their ads by households, geography or content). Reporting for the joint solution is provided by Visible World's intelliSpot Insight product.

The new joint solution was demo'd to a group of cable operators and programming providers at CableLabs' recent Interop in Louisville, Colorado (for more on the latter event, see article in this issue). The companies claim it represents the first integrated, standards-based platform for supporting targeting, measurement and interactivity, and that it provides an "open foundation" to support other emerging offerings. "Visible World's intelliSpot Connect platform is now uniquely positioned to support the key tenets of advanced television advertising, offering addressable advertising, measurement and interactivity based on open standards," Visible World CTO, Gerrit Niemeijer, said in a prepared statement. "Our integration with Ensequence at the CableLabs Interop event demonstrated how addressable advertising can be seamlessly mixed with interactive advertising based on the EBIF standard." Added Ensequence president and COO, Peter Low: "Ensequence is enabling advertisers to engage consumers like never before with dynamic interactive television experiences. We're also making it possible for advertisers to measure viewer engagement and maximize their return on investment. Combined with Visible World's addressability platform, our viewer behavior metrics deliver significant accountability to advertisers for their television investment, allowing them to instantly refine their campaigns for even greater effectiveness."

In other Ensequence news: The company says that over 50 Blu-ray titles have been developed using its Create software. According to the company, dozens of titles are released each month using the software, which it bills as enabling creative teams to develop interactivity for Blu-ray discs quickly and easily, without requiring advanced knowledge of Java and the BD-J specification. "By offering an intuitive, drag-and-drop creative environment for Blu-ray Disc, Ensequence makes it simple for studios and producers to create, test and deliver an entirely new class of interactive experiences for Blu-ray discs in record time--experiences that are more dynamic, more engaging and more effective," Ensequence CEO, Dalen Harrison, said in a prepared statement. "With Ensequence software, creative teams don't need advanced knowledge of Java and the BD-J specification to take advantage of Blu-ray's vast interactive capabilities." Added Don Eklund, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's EVP of advanced technology: "Ensequence Create software enables our production teams to create a wide range of interactive experiences in a fraction of the time that it takes with Java programming methods."

According to Ensequence, its Create software offers a drag-and-drop authoring environment, full Photoshop integration, and a Blu-ray disc wizard. The company says it provides robust Blu-ray capabilities out of the box, including full control over target video content (for example, angle, audio and stream switching). It also bills the software as providing performance-optimized functions, with benchmarking for animations and image scaling, and one-click creation of image fonts with built-in kerning capabilities.

Ensequence recently integrated Create with Sonic Scenarist. It is also integrated with the other major Blu-ray authoring solution, Sony Blu-print. The company says it enables compatibility across various players, and supports current and next-generation Blu-ray disc features, including advanced interactive menus; picture-in-picture functionality (e.g. director's commentaries overlaid on top of a video); flexible animations (like fading and sliding); and synchronized applications. It also supports BD-Live--including access to bonus content, notification about sequels, purchase functionality, and more--the company says.

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