Invidi Forms Advisory Board for Advanced Advertising

Signs Addressable Advertising Deal with DISH Network

Advanced advertising technology specialist, Invidi Technologies, has created an advisory board to provide strategic expertise and guidance on advanced advertising initiatives. According to the company, the advisory board is tasked with ensuring that all participants in the advanced advertising ecosystem--multichannel video program distributors, TV broadcasters, program networks, advertisers, media buyers and media sellers--benefit from digital technology efficiencies and "share in the value chain."

Invidi says that the advisory board's four members were chosen in recognition of their standing as advertising authorities with deep industry knowledge and experience. They are:

  • Rick Scanzoni, who has served as chairman of WPP's Mediaedge:cia North America since March, 2007, and as chief investment officer for GroupM North America since 2005. According to Invidi, he is also on the GroupM global executive committee and oversees $12.5 billion in broadcast and cable television media budgets.
  • Tracey Scheppach, who leads Starcom MediaVest Group's addressable advertising practice (clients of the practice include General Motors, Procter & Gamble and Hallmark). As Starcom USA's SVP/video innovation director, she heads the agency's Video Innovations Group and all client investment activities encompassing emerging digital video media. According to Invidi, she also acts as the agency's "ambassador" to the "emerging video community," having established partnerships with Comcast, TiVo, Invidi itself, and other companies. Among other things, she led the team that conducted the first household addressable advertising test in 2006, which has since expanded to multiple markets.
  • Burt Manning, who is currently chairman emeritus of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide and who served as chairman and CEO of that agency from 1987 to 1997. According to Invidi, he was the only J. Walter Thompson CEO to come from the agency's creative ranks.
  • Invidi EVP, Michael Kubin, who chairs the new advisory board. According to Invidi, he has participated in a significant string of successful media ventures, including Corinthian Media Buying, Media Inc., Evalient Media Resources and, currently, Ionic Media Group.

In other Invidi news: The company says that it has signed an agreement with DISH Network, under which the latter will use its Advatar technology to deliver addressable, targeted national and local TV advertising. According to Invidi, even though traditional satellite broadcast delivery is "currently limited to all homes receiving the same commercials," many of DISH Network's receivers will support targeted advertising delivery, dynamic commercial insertion, and reporting on broadcast TV and national programming networks. The company says that DISH will be among the first pay-TV providers utilizing its technology to sell addressable and targeted advertising according to specific household viewer geographic and demographic and other pre-determined viewer metrics. It claims that its system complies with all privacy laws and with DISH Network's privacy policies. "DISH Network is focused on delivering relevant and measurable ads to the advertising community and continually looks for technological innovation that will deliver advertisers the best possible value," DISH Network EVP, Michael Kelly, said in a prepared statement. "DISH Network's national footprint, set-top box data and Invidi Advatar technology will provide us with the ability to target any geographic or demographic footprint advertisers are interested in reaching to deliver their message with measurement and accountability."