Turner Sports Using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter to Promote NBA Playoffs Coverage

Turner Sports announced Wednesday that it is using social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, to promote corporate stablemate TNT's "40 Games in 40 Nights" coverage of the 2009 NBA playoffs.

The company says that TNT will have a major presence on YouTube with a "homepage takeover" on April 20th that will feature player-specific videos, in order to drive tune-ins for that night's match-ups, as well as TNT-messaged overlays on sports-related featured videos.

In addition, on April 19th, Turner Sports plans to run ads for TNT's NBA playoffs coverage on Facebook, together with prominently placed topical promotional spots and a special promotion on the TNT Facebook page that urges end-users to "become a fan" of the NBA (note: the company also says it will take over the main Yahoo! Sports page on April 19th, with all the latter's ads featuring TNT NBA playoffs creative). And on Twitter, it plans to have announcers and commentators from TNT (including Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Craig Sager) and NBA TV (Chris Webber, Gary Payton, Steve Smith, Eric Snow and Rick Kamla) provide regular updates throughout the playoffs: the on-air personalities will begin sending out tweets--including comments, thoughts and analysis--on their individual home pages on April 14th that will feed into a main NBA TV Twitter profile and also link to the NBA's Twitter page. In addition, the tweets will feed into the NBA on TNT Facebook page.

Turner Sports says that the various Facebook and Twitter sites involved in the new social media campaign will be prominently featured on NBA.com and will be promoted on-air on TNT and NBA TV. In addition to the social media campaign, the company is producing an extensive traditional advertising campaign for TNT's NBA playoffs coverage that includes heavy spot rotation in key local cable markets, radio traffic sponsorships and DJ endorsements in 15 target markets, concentrated out-of-home messaging in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, and print advertising in various national publications.

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