Digeo Unveils New Features for its Moxi HD DVR

--Enhancements Enable Users to Access Over-the-Top Video Services on their Living Room TV

Paul Allen-owned set-top box vendor, Digeo, announced a series of new features and enhancements for its Moxi HD DVR Thursday, that appear to be designed to transform the device into a platform for bringing over-the-top video to the living room (much as rival TiVo has transformed its DVR into an OTT device). The new features, which the company says will be available automatically to Moxi HD DVR customers via a free software upgrade, include:
--Support for MediaMall Technologies' PlayOn media server software, which will allow Moxi HD DVR customers to use the box and its distinctive Moxi Menu interface (allows end-users to store, access and manage a variety of entertainment content through a single, unified menu; and replaces the standard "spreadsheet" EPG interface with a so-called "cross-hairs" configuration, consisting of two intersecting animated lines at right angles to each other) to view broadband video from YouTube, Hulu, CBS, Netflix, CNN, ESPN and other programmers and services, provided that their box is connected to a PC on their home network. According to Digeo, the software automatically converts formats, so that users can watch broadband video on a widescreen HDTV. Digeo says that it will offer new and existing Moxi customers a PlayOn license key (officially priced at $39.99) free-of-charge for a limited time.
--Support for the Rhapsody on-demand digital music service, which claims to offer over 7 million songs from all the major record labels and hundreds of smaller, independent labels. The service allows end-users to build their own playlists, as well as listen to professionally programmed music channels. Digeo says that it will offer Moxi HD DVR users a free 30-day trial of Rhapsody (officially priced at $12.99).
--Media Link, a DLNA-certified solution that will allow Moxi HD DVR users to connect their TV or home entertainment system to PC's on a home network. According to Digeo, this will enable users to easily stream digital movies, videos, music and photos from their PC for viewing or listening on their living room TV.
--eControls, which Digeo says will allow Moxi HD DVR users to manage their home entertainment experience through the Moxi menu. According to the company, users will be able to use this feature to adjust most Z-Wave-certified products--for example, dimming and turning on and off lights, controlling volume and power on AV devices, and monitoring IP baby-cams or outside cameras, all from their remote control.
--Mosaic, a new browsing feature for the Flickr online photo service that will be available through the Moxi menu. According to Digeo, it will allow users to rapidly scroll up, down and across their photos as they are displayed as mosaic tiles on the TV screen.
--An enhancement to Digeo's MoxiNet service (currently provides access through the TV to news, sports scores, movie times, weather and other information sourced from the Internet) that the company says will allow Moxi HD DVR users to bookmark Web sites on Moxi.com, and then browse them on their TV screen using the Moxi remote as a "virtual mouse."

The Moxi HD DVR, which was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and which is available in retail to date exclusively through Amazon.com (Digeo says that it plans to expand the box's retail distribution), is part of a new strategy on the part of Digeo to target the retail market, and is the first Moxi box to be sold directly to consumers. Features claimed by Digeo for the Moxi HD DVR include:
--Dual tuners, allowing users to record two shows while watching a third pre-recorded show, all in HD.
--500GB of storage, allowing 75 hours of 1080 HD recording or 300 hours of SD recording.
--The ability for end-users to expand the box's capacity by adding up to two hours of external eSATA drive storage.
--Remote scheduling via PC or mobile-based browsers.
--CableCARD functionality.
--Substantial HD rendering power, thanks to a Broadcom BCM7400 chip.

Digeo has announced plans to implement Switched Digital Video support on the box later this year.

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