D-Link, DTS Digital, Dolby, SecureMedia Join Open IPTV Forum

--OIPF Recently Published Release 1 of its IPTV Solution Specifications

The Open IPTV Forum (OIPF)--an industry group that is attempting to bring together telcos, consumer electronics manufacturers, and network infrastructure providers, in order to develop specifications for an open, end-to-end solution that will facilitate development and deployment of interactive, personalized IPTV services (its founding members include Ericsson, FT Group, Nokia Siemens, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Telecom Italia)--announced last month that it had added four high-profile companies to its membership roll: D-Link Corporation, DTS Digital, Dolby and SecureMedia (note: other companies that have recently joined the organization include set-top vendor, ADB, and interactive TV technology provider, DigiSoft). "This latest membership announcement strengthens the existing representation from the network equipment and content security industries, and expands the scope of the Forum to include the two most well-known players in the digital audio business," OIPF chair, Yun Chao Hu, said in a prepared statement.

In January, the OIPF published Release 1 of its IPTV Solution Specifications. In a news release announcing the development, the organization stated that the specs, together with profiles that it plans to deliver in spring, 2009, "will allow the industry to deploy IPTV networks and devices that interoperate, while at the same time offering an evolution path for the future."

Release 1 contains seven volumes of specifications: 1) Overview, 2) Media Formats, 3) Content Metadata, 4) Protocols for Home Network, User-Network and Network-Network Interfaces, 5) Declarative Application Environment, 6) Procedural Application Environment, and 7) Authentication, Content Protection and Service Protection. The seven volumes are accompanied by an updated version of the Functional Architecture specification for Release 1. All documents relating to Release 1 can be found on the OIPF's Web site (openiptvforum.org).

The OIPF is now working on Release 2, which is scheduled for completion by the end of the year and which will address interoperability testing and profiling. The service and platform requirements for Release 2, which will guide the organization's work over the course of this year, can also be found on its Web site. "I am confident that IPTV Release 1 will contribute to the global growth of IPTV deployment in the near-term," the OIPF's Yun Chao Hu said in a prepared statement. "And I am very pleased to be able to say that the OIPF is already working on its next release of specifications--the direction for this work has been set by the publication of the service and platform requirements for Release 2. It is exciting to see the new enabling features to be included in this release, which will further increase the end-user value of IPTV solutions."

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