yellowBird Enables 360-Degree Interactive Video via Adobe Flash

A Dutch company called yellowBird has launched a system that brings to video the kind of 360-degree point-of-view-changing capability provided by Google Streetview. According to the company, the system uses a "Google Streetview-like" six-lens camera that creates an "all-encompassing...3D video" which can be played online on any computer equipped with Adobe Flash. The company says that its co-founder, Rafael Redczus, started working on the technology behind the new system almost a decade ago: "The viewer becomes the director, who can choose what he wants to see from his position," Redczus said in a prepared statement. "Nearly everyone has a powerful computer in combination with a broadband connection. Furthermore, Adobe Flash is now standard on every computer. The latest versions of that technology provide optimum support for online film and interactive 3D functionality. There are unbelievable opportunities for this new dimension in online experiences. Film producers can use it for their trailers on the Internet, city marketeers can use it to attract tourists, dance events become virtually physically accessible for millions of visitors, documentaries and sports events become probing experiences, whilst this technology will bring about a revolution in the world of advertising. Advertisers are looking more and more to the Internet. This offers them unrivalled opportunities to present themselves."

According to yellowBird, the six-lens camera that its new system employs can be either in a fixed location or, for example, "floating above the head of a cameraman moving through a crowd or driving on the road." Once video is shot, the company says, it is "stitched into one stream, which is a process that requires lengthy calculations by extremely powerful computers." yellowBird says that it has a relationship in place with Dutch CDN technology and services provider, Jet-Stream, which allows it to have "very powerful hosting servers with ultrafast connections" and to expand its server capacity in real time, in line with demand. This, it claims, means that "thousands of viewers worldwide could view the same streaming 3D image interactively at the same time." A demo video of yellowBird's new system is available here: