Yoostar in Multi-Year Deal with Sesame Workshop

--Yoostar Offers System that Lets Users Appear in Clips from Movies and TV Shows

New York City-based Yoostar announced Monday that it has signed an exclusive multi-year deal with children's programmer, Sesame Workshop, that will see the latter making available 160 classic and contemporary clips from its long-running children's show, "Sesame Street," on Yoostar's new entertainment system, which the company says will be available for purchase on its Web site starting July 1st and in retail stores starting August 24th. Yoostar says that the deal means that "Sesame Street" fans will be able to use its system to "replace and interact in segments with characters such as Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and more."

Yoostar's system, which will be priced at $169.95, is billed as providing "all the tools to turn your home into a movie studio," including a "studio-grade" Web cam with built-in dual microphones and remote control, a portable green screen, a professional stand, and software for PC's and Macs. The system employs the company's "Active Immersion Technology" to digitally remove the original actors from scenes, so that users can insert themselves in their place. Users will be able to record their performances to their own PC or Mac for local viewing, Yoostar says, and will also be able to share them on Yoostar's Web site for viewing and rating by other users. The company says that the site will be a "fully developed social networking site where users can create their own personal profile pages, build communities of friends and share favorite performances--on the site itself and through embeddable players and widgets." The new Sesame Workshop content partnership is Yoostar's first with a TV company; other companies that have licensed content for use on its system include Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, MGM Studios, Lions Gate, Warner Bros. and the NBA. Earlier this month, the company announced that its system would ship with "an assortment of clips featuring 38 different roles" (from such movies as "The Godfather," "Forrest Gump," "The Terminator," "Psycho," and "Saw") and that users would also have access to a constantly updated library of film, TV and NBA clips available for purchase and download via its Web site.

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