Live Broadcasting Service,, Launches New Twitter, Facebook and MySpace Features

--Service Recently Began Offering a "Pro Account" Option

In a posting on its corporate blog Thursday,, a San Francisco-based company that bills itself as "the largest online community for people to broadcast, watch and interact around live video" (it claims to have around 428,000 live video channels, to which 20 hours of video are uploaded each minute, and says its Web site receives over 41 million unique visitors per month), announced the launch of a number of new Twitter, Facebook and MySpace features on its service:

  • Users who broadcast live video on the service (note: calls these users "broadcasters") can now default their channel to load Twitter, MySpace or Facebook chat. The service's own chat functionality "will still exist," the company says, "just in another tab."
  • All the service's external chat rooms are now based on the same chat servers as its regular chat service, meaning, the company says, that messages "will appear without any delay."
  • Broadcasters who sign into Twitter will automatically have their channel status updates pushed to their Twitter feed.
  • The service's search functionality now has a "Recent Tweets" sidebar that searches recent Twitter updates from around the service.
  • A character count for Twitter posts has been added.

In other recent news from

  • Earlier this week, the company announced that it had "wikified" all its community resources, including its current site guides. It also announced that the thumbnails for its users' channels, which were formerly static, will now display constantly updated screengrabs from the channel they represent.
  • Last week the company announced the launch of a $9.99-per-month "Pro Account" option on its service. According to the company, users who sign up for the pro account can view videos on its service without advertising, will receive five free "gifts" (little icons which users can send to one another, and for which the service otherwise charges $1) every month, will be able to customize the service's chat functionality with various colors, will receive a special icon that they can use when chatting, and will be able to display "custom badges for your profile and channel pages, showing everyone that you're a Pro!"


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