Digeo Markets its Moxi HD DVR to Male Consumers via "ManCave" Sweepstakes

Paul Allen-owned set-top box vendor, Digeo is holding two "ManCave" sweepstakes in order to promote its flagship Moxi HD DVR to male sports fans (note: the company recently announced a series of new features and enhancements for the box, that appear to be designed to transform it into a platform for bringing over-the-top video to the living room, much as rival TiVo has transformed its DVR into an OTT device--see article published on itvt.com April 9th).

For [itvt] readers not familiar with the term, "ManCave," it is defined by Wikipedia as "a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement," that is typically "equipped with accessories" such as giant TV's for watching sports (and less wholesome content). "With the NBA and NHL playoffs in full swing, and baseball season well underway, today's home media center experience is all about getting the most out of a man's home oasis for sports (or movies, or even reality TV) on their glorious HDTV's," Digeo writes in its press materials for the new sweepstakes. "The Moxi HD DVR makes the home entertainment experience even better by giving guys 75 hours worth of full HD storage and bringing in Internet content and services like Rhapsody, Flickr, Moxi Superticker as well as online video from Hulu, YouTube, ESPN and others through the PlayOn streaming server."

The first of the two sweepstakes, which ends May 31st, is described by Digeo as a "straight-up giveaway," that gives consumers who submit their personal info a chance to win one of four Moxi HD DVR's with a one-year unlimited membership to on-demand digital music service, Rhapsody, and a license for MediaMall Technologies' PlayOn over-the-top-TV software. The second sweepstakes, which ends June 15th, invites consumers to upload a video explaining what their favorite Moxi feature is and why their ManCave deserves a Moxi box, for a chance to win a grand prize package consisting of a Moxi HD DVR, a one-year Rhapsody Unlimited membership, a PlayOn license, a 500GB external hard drive, and "$1,000 to further outfit your ManCave."

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