Portugal Telecom's Microsoft-Powered Meo IPTV Platform Launches New Interactive TV Services

Portugal Telecom announced Friday the launch of three new interactive TV services on its Microsoft Mediaroom-powered Meo IPTV platform (which, as of last December, had approximately 312,000 subscribers). The services, which are offered to subscribers at no extra charge and accessed through the main Meo menu, are:

  • A Minha Conta ("My Account"), which is accessed through a new category in the Meo main menu, called "My Meo" ("O Meu Meo"), where Portugal Telecom says it plans to showcase Meo's personalization features. The service allows customers to review the channel and programming packages to which they are subscribed, as well as the VOD movies they have rented during the current month. It can be PIN-protected, if the customer prefers.
  • Meo Magazine, an interactive magazine (also accessed through "My Meo") that showcases Meo's programming offerings, and provides programming and VOD movie recommendations. Its content is organized into Entertainment, Sports, Videoclube (Meo's VOD platform, which currently offers around 2,000 titles), Culture and Lifestyle categories. The service also allows customers to schedule recordings and to purchase or subscribe to the programs and channels that it features.
  • Jugos ("Games"), a free interactive TV games service that organizes its offerings into three categories: Kids ("Moggles" and "Sudoku Jr."), Strategy and Puzzle ("Sudoku," "Cosmox," and "Patience") and Board and Arcade ("Drop Duel," "Kaboom" "Rockswap Adventures," and "Chess Challenge").

In related news: Earlier this month, Motorola announced that it had shipped 150,000 IP set-top boxes to Portugal Telecom to power the Meo service, and that it is now the service's "preferred supplier." The boxes are the Motorola VIP1200E and VIP1216E models, both of which support SD and HD, and the latter of which incorporates a built-in hard disk drive for DVR functionality.