Digisoft.tv, Channel Islands in Targeted Advertising Partnership

Cork, Ireland-based interactive TV and IPTV technology provider, Digisoft.tv (note: the company, which also operates offices in the US, the UK, Singapore and New Zealand, is best known for its DigiHost Service Delivery Platform, which supports and manages the delivery of ITV services through the Digisoft Java-based EPG on set-top boxes and other client devices, such as PC's and portable storage devices; according to Digisoft.tv, it also includes interfaces to enable integration to existing headend servers, such as entitlement, member management and OSS or BSS, allowing flexible customization of business rules, workflows and processes to support new revenue models or to allow customization of existing processes), and San Diego-based Channel Islands (note: the company is best known for its Digital Video Advertising--or DiVA--targeted advertising system, which it claims to be in the process of deploying at IPTV headends in Europe and Asia) announced Tuesday that they are forming a partnership to offer integrated targeted advertising systems to IPTV operators worldwide.

The companies are integrating the Channel Islands DiVA solution with Digisoft.tv's Java-based middleware. They say that they have now completed initial testing at Digisoft.tv's Cork-based software labs, and that they are planning to target a number of deployments in the coming months. "Targeted advertising offers operators the opportunity to really drive incremental revenue from their IPTV investments," Digisoft.tv executive chairman, Tom Higgins, said in a prepared statement. "Channel Islands' software makes this possible for IPTV and digital cable operators worldwide." Added Channel Islands president, Lindsay Gardner: "Many of the world's most demanding multichannel providers rely on Digisoft products. Integrating our targeted television advertising solution into Digisoft's means that more operators can evaluate and do business with us."

In other Digisoft.tv news: In January, the company announced that it had joined the Open IPTV Forum, a body that aims to develop and promote an open, end-to-end specification for IPTV, based upon existing technologies and open standards.

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