Video Views on Up 528%, Thanks to Susan Boyle and "Britain's Got Talent"

UK commercial terrestrial broadcaster, ITV (note: the name is an acronym for Independent Television Network), said Monday that its broadband video-enabled Web site,, enjoyed its best-ever monthly performance in May--due in large part to the success of the FremantleMedia show, "Britain's Got Talent," from which amateur singer, Susan Boyle, sprung to viral video fame. According to ITV, total video views on were up 528% year-on-year; and on Sunday May 31st, following the finale of "Britain's Got Talent," the site recorded 6 million video views, taking the total for the entire series of "Britain's Got Talent" to over 55 million views (or over 180,000 hours of content). "The teams at and FremantleMedia Enterprises working together on 'Britain's Got Talent' have been thrilled by the audience's passion and appetite for the best, original content: the behind-the-scenes stories, the exclusive videos, the entertaining polls and intimate photo galleries--everything we have produced has been consumed by millions of visitors online," managing director, Dominic Cameron, said in a prepared statement. "A five-fold increase in video consumption is testament to the superb quality of the TV show, of the story-telling brought online, and to the Web engineering and product design skills at and its partners. We're also pleased to have succeeded in bringing hundreds of thousands of social media users to 'the home of 'Britain's Got Talent' on via social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook." Added Robert Marsh, VP of interactive and telephony, UK licensing at FremantleMedia: "We always look to innovate and evolve our programs across multiple platforms and with 'Britain's Got Talent' we wanted to create a more immersive and interactive experience for users, which has definitely paid off. The site has exceeded all expectations in terms of video views, page views and visitors."