TVN in VOD Advertising Deals with This Technology, BlackArrow

Video-on-demand distribution services provider, TVN (note: the company recently announced that it would merge with Avail Media--see article posted on, May 19th), and This Technology, a provider of dynamic metadata and advertising supply management software for digital TV, will today announce an integrated solution that they say will provide advanced advertising content and advertising supply management for delivered VOD assets. According to the companies, the combination of their respective solutions will enable both national and local integrations with any standards-compliant campaign management and video insertion equipment across the VOD footprint of a national cable network, regional interconnect, or local operator.

Products that have been integrated as part of the two companies' collaboration include TVN's ADONISS asset management and distribution platform (which the company bills as having open-standard interfaces), and MetaMore and SpotBuilder, the two components of This Technology's content and advertising supply management solution. As a result of the integration, the companies say, TVN customers will be able to quickly make content available for ad insertion; in addition, they claim, integration with ADONISS will give cable operators localized access to MetaMore for increased security and real-time updates. "Many of our content providers see value in an independent method of defining placement opportunities, such as the one offered by This Technology," Dave Bartolone, TVN's VP of technology, said in a prepared statement. "In servicing over 200 content providers, TVN is always looking into ways to provide new functionality and new opportunities to monetize content. The integration of these two systems, for instance, would allow a content provider to use a single interactive dashboard to create and manage placement opportunities. We look forward to working with This Technology and bringing a variety of advanced advertising solutions to all of our content partners."

On Wednesday, meanwhile, TVN announced a partnership with BlackArrow, a provider of advertising solutions for multiplatform VOD, that sees the companies offering what is billed as an integrated solution to address and overcome obstacles inherent in VOD advertising workflows. According to the companies, their partnership will leverage TVN's ad-distribution process and BlackArrow's dynamic VOD advertising platform to enable customized metadata for advertising assets and a "seamless methodology" for rapid transfer of metadata between the two systems.

The companies say that their integrated solution is intended to address the fact that the ability to plan and execute VOD ad campaigns is hampered by numerous manual processes and cumbersome workflows. In response, they say, their joint solution will leverage the CableLabs ADI 1.1 standard to allow for the management of programming and advertising assets independently, offering a standard communication interface to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of asset management throughout the ad lifecycle. They claim that the integration between TVN's Content Information Services and BlackArrow's advertising sales suite is automated, scalable and fully compliant with SCTE-130 specifications. "Monetization of VOD via dynamic advertising continues to be a key business objective for our 200 content providers and 230 affiliates," Jan Young, TVN's director of network sales, said in a prepared statement. "Together, TVN and BlackArrow are advancing that agenda by demonstrating, for the first time, an integrated system for enabling and distributing VOD assets--including advertising assets--along with their associated metadata to interact seamlessly with ad campaign management systems." Added BlackArrow's VP of distribution, David Stengle: "Our joint solution with TVN enables ad sales organizations to dynamically manage VOD campaigns, pinpoint audiences and make quick work of ad-creative updates by delivering advertising and program assets independently. By enabling dynamic ad insertion and management, VOD becomes more attractive to advertisers with time-sensitive messages, while at the same time generating new revenue for our customers with a system that deploys smoothly and scales."

TVN and BlackArrow say they are working with a number of operators and content providers on dynamic advertising trials.

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