ZeeVee Releases Mac Version of its OTT Internet Video Browser, Zinc

--Also Unveils New Feature Allowing Content Owners to Add their Video to Zinc via MRSS

Over-the-top-TV specialist, ZeeVee, has released an Apple Macintosh version of Zinc, its Internet video browser for the living room. (Note: Zinc is a free software application that provides a simple, 10-foot interface that is designed to be driven by a remote control. Targeted at consumers who want to watch Internet video on a TV set connected to their computer, it is based on Mozilla technology and is available as a Firefox plug-in or a standalone application.). ZeeVee, which launched Zinc Beta Version 3 in March and which says it received "tremendous positive feedback" due to the browser's "highly intuitive interface, substantial content library and ability for a user to browse anywhere on the Web for additional content," says that the response to a closed beta program for the Mac version of Zinc was similarly positive. The Mac version of Zinc, which is available for free download at zeevee.com/zinc, is compatible with Intel-based machines that are running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). "The Mac community is very important to us, especially since they tend to be very media-savvy," ZeeVee co-founder and CEO, Vic Odryna, said in a prepared statement. "The response to Zinc, both in the US and globally, has been outstanding and we can only imagine how much more popular it will become once Mac enthusiasts experience it, use it and share it with their friends."

In other ZeeVee news: The company has launched a new feature for Zinc which it says allows end-users and content owners to add content into the platform with "little or no effort." It says that the new capability takes advantage of the fact that content owners usually describe and share their content through Media RSS, an evolving standard that enables feeds that allow for the organization and description of various kinds of media content and that also provide notifications for users when new content is available. Because Zinc uses a full Web browser interface, ZeeVee says, users can explore the entire Web and easily add any video content available through these feeds. According to the company, that content is then automatically formatted and presented consistently for an optimal living-room viewing experience. ZeeVee also says it has added capabilities that allow users to control the playback of this content using a standard remote control. (Note: content owners can access tutorials on creating MRSS feeds at zeevee.com/zinc/developers.) "Until now, ZeeVee decided what content to include in Zinc, and performed all of the organization and presentation of that content," Odryna continued. "Content owners and users can now expand Zinc at will. Recently, Boxee announced it was able to create a special plug-in for White House video feeds in just four hours using their new application programming interface (API). A Zinc user can accomplish the same task in minutes without requiring any programming by simply browsing to the White House Web site with Zinc, and adding the already existing feed to their Zinc Favorites tab."

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