Tremor Media Unveils Suite of In-Stream, Interactive Ad Formats

--Formats Billed as Superseding Pre-Rolls with "Non-Linear Viewing Experiences inside the Player"

Online video advertising network operator, Tremor Media, last week unveiled a suite of interactive, in-stream ad formats that it bills as enabling "non-linear viewing experiences inside the player." Dubbed vChoice, the formats "allow advertisers to go beyond traditional pre-roll," the company says, by presenting the viewer with options to watch additional video content, such as multiple additional ads, product reviews, tutorials or long-form branded content. The formats are also billed as supporting interactive games and non-linear storytelling. According to the company, Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures, Microsoft and Ubisoft all participated in a beta test of the new formats, which showed triple-digit increases in established engagement metrics for pre-roll and rich media, including video completion rates, time spent and click-through rates.

The vChoice formats all deliver a menu of options during or after a short pre-roll teaser, inviting viewers to engage with additional advertiser content, link to a Web site, or continue to the entertainment/informational content they were planning to watch in the player. For example, Tremor Media says, an automaker could use one of the formats to present a short teaser video of a car, then offer the viewer a choice between 1) exploring the car's entertainment system and viewing a demo of its DVD player; 2) viewing a video comparing the car to others in the same class; 3) watching a video on safe driving tips for teens (if the car were a model popular with younger drivers); and 4) searching inventory and pricing of local dealers. All these options are provided within the player, the company stresses.

According to Tremor Media, it is able to deliver the new formats "with ease, reliability and scale" because of the technical integration it has achieved for its flagship Acudeo platform across hundreds of publishers in its in-stream ad network. The company says that it has over 900 "top-tier" sites in the network, and that it is ranked first in premium video views by comScore's Video Metrix Ad Focus report. "vChoice is an important milestone in facilitating the evolution of video advertising from a linear one-way format which has been in place for the last 50 years, to a powerful interactive experience that lets users engage with a brand and empowers ad agencies to flex their creative muscles with the next generation of video ads delivered at scale," Tremor Media CEO, Jason Glickman, said in a prepared statement.

The vChoice formats include a "Showcase Unit" and a "Storytelling Unit." According to Tremor Media, the Showcase Unit is designed to enable advertisers to showcase multiple pieces of creative and allows viewers to select various viewing options. For example, the company says, it could be used to power a "campaign showcase" (in which viewers might be presented with four different 30-second ads for the same campaign), a "product showcase" (in which viewers might be presented with ads for three different types of car), or a "long-form showcase" (in which viewers might be presented with long-form video content that resides on the advertiser's Web site or branded content that resides on a destination site). The Storytelling Unit, meanwhile, which Tremor Media bills as "ideal for branded entertainment shows with multiple episodes," is designed to enable advertisers to create and deliver stories that are told in chapters. According to Tremor Media, the chapters could be linear, episodic and serialized (so that the user could decide how many episodes s/he wants to view and in which order) or non-linear with alternate "story paths" (so that the user could decide how s/he navigates through a story).

According to Tremor Media, the vChoice ad formats yield "in-depth audience insights" by combining Quantcast demographic and user-interaction data that identify viewers who "raised their hands" to engage further with a brand. The company says that the data thus generated allows advertisers to see who is most interested in their products and can be used for future media targeting, product development and campaign optimization. "The new vChoice creative formats provide instant data and insights in a way that has never before been possible," Tremor Media's chief revenue officer, Randy Kilgore, said in a prepared statement. "Our innovation in video advertising creative is the reason why Tremor Media is capturing even more market share in 2009 as dollars shift from TV to online. These new formats dramatically improve engagement and we can report back to advertisers in near real time on which of the videos within the unit are performing best. Television research would require months of focus groups to reach these same conclusions." According to Tremor Media, the new ad formats were developed in collaboration with veteran creative director, Alan Schulman.

An example of the vChoice Storytelling Unit can be seen here:

Examples of the Showcase Unit can be seen here: (campaign showcase); here: (product showcase); and here: (long-form showcase).





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