WNYW Fox 5 New York Taps Livestream (Formerly Mogulus) for Live Online Streaming


Livestream (formerly Mogulus), a New York-based company which offers a platform that enables amateurs and professionals to produce and distribute live TV on the Internet (note: the company, which offers "Free" and "Pro" versions of its platform, bills the platform as offering, among other things, the ability to mix multiple live cameras, imported video clips and overlay graphics, and as allowing producers to broadcast live from a mobile phone, use a customizable Flash player with integrated chat, and develop a branded channel page on its Web site that incorporates interactive chat--for an in-depth overview of Livestream and its platform, see the interview with its co-founder and CEO, Max Haot, that was published on itvt.com, May 21st), will announce today that WNYW Fox 5 New York is using its platform to broadcast a live Internet extension of its flagship hour-long morning show, "Good Day New York," as well as live, breaking online news and weather reports.

Fox 5 is currently streaming the extension, entitled "Good Day Live, Online," every morning from 9:00 to 10:00AM. It is hosted and produced by the station's technology and environmental reporter, Brett Larson, using Livestream Procaster for encoding, 3D effects and showing images and video on the Web to its live audience, Livestream says. In addition, it uses Livestream Studio for graphics and to play clips, and uses Skype to conduct remote interviews that are captured live via Livestream Procaster. "This shows that Livestream is being adopted by one of the most progressive media companies who are looking to increase visibility via live channels on the Web," Livestream CEO Haot said in a prepared statement. "The presenter can do it all." According to Livestream, its platform is also being used by Gannett (which is one of its financial backers) to stream content from its various regional newspapers and USA Today; other customers include politics and current events cable channel, C-SPAN.

According to Livestream, Procaster, which is available as a free software download (livestream.com/procaster), allows a show's presenters to display whatever is on their computer screens live, including presentations, images and even video- and graphics-intensive video games. The company claims that over 300,000 people have used its service to launch live video channels since 2007 and that the "Pro" version of its service is now being used by over 1,000 producers and media companies.

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