Current TV Launches "Facebook vs. Twitter" Interactive TV Event in the UK

--Two Teams Must Leverage their Twitter and Facebook Networks Respectively to Perform Missions

Current TV--a cable/satellite channel that was founded by former vice president, Al Gore, and his business partner, Joel Hyatt, and that features short-form informational programs, dubbed "pods," around 30% of which are contributed by viewers via its Web site (note: the channel also invites viewers to help determine its programming schedule by voting for video submissions on its site)--has launched a Twitter- and Facebook-driven interactive TV event in the UK, where it is carried on the Sky satellite and Virgin cable platforms.

Dubbed "Facebook vs. Twitter," the event, which is being covered all this week on the channel's "Upstream" show (it will also have a live grand finale on its own dedicated show this Sunday), centers on a competition between two teams, the all-female Team Twitter (comprised of Anne Foy, the host of Current's "Webmash" show, and two associate producers) and the all-male Team Facebook (comprised of "Upstream" host, Stew Game, and two producers who normally work on transforming viewer-submitted video into professional-quality programming for the channel).

For the past few weeks, the teams have been tasked with building up their follower/friend networks on the respective social networks they are "representing." They are now being challenged to enlist the help of their Twitter followers and Facebook friends respectively to help them perform a series of "missions" in unfamiliar locations, equipped, Current TV says, "only with cameras, laptops and the login details to their chose weapon (read: social network) in their personally customized camper vans": their first mission was to perform ten-minute stand-up routines in Edinburgh (Team Twitter) and Manchester (Team Facebook), using only jokes that they received through their chosen social network. Viewers interested in helping the teams perform their challenges (note: the challenges are assigned live on "Upstream," which airs at 7:00PM Monday through Thursday) are invited to connect with Team Facebook by searching for "Current Upstream" on Facebook or by following @CurrentUpstream on Twitter.