DirecTV Taps Invidi to Enable "Relevant" Local Advertising

--Local Ads Will Be Cued Up on DirecTV DVR's

GroupM-backed advanced advertising technology provider, Invidi Technologies, said Wednesday that satellite-TV provider, DirecTV, will use its software to offer advertisers "relevant" local advertising (note: last November, Invidi announced a similar deal with rival satellite-TV provider, DISH Network). According to Invidi, its Advatar software, in combination with DirecTV's DVR-equipped set-top boxes, will allow local television advertising availability based on geographic location, and will position TV ads according to any marketer's specifications. Previously, DirecTV could only sell advertising across its national footprint. Now, Invidi says, its technology will enable each individual TV commercial to have its own unique criteria and to be dynamically served up by household, street, subdivision, neighborhood, political district, retail trading zone, DMA or region.

According to a report by Anthony Crupi in the advertising-industry trade publication, Brandweek, DirecTV will push local ads to subscribers' DVR-equipped receivers in advance of their airdates. Invidi's software will then cue up the ads from the DVR's hard drive. "In other words," Crupi writes, "rather than viewing a scheduled national spot in the two-minute local window, DirecTV subs will see relevant ads targeted specifically to certain consumer behaviors/demographic contours, depending on what that particular advertiser is looking to achieve with its campaign." Crupi also reports that DirecTV will begin downloading Invidi's software to friendlies in early 2010, and expects to achieve full deployment by 2011; around a quarter of DirecTV's available inventory will be used for targeted local ads in the early stages of the service, Crupi writes. "We are thrilled to be working with DirecTV and look forward to helping them expand their sales to include a whole new world of local advertising," Invidi CEO, David Downey, said in a prepared statement. "With this new technology, DirecTV can deliver television commercials to desired audiences with little waste and unprecedented accountability, allowing local advertisers across the country to bring their message directly to DirecTV's attractive and growing subscriber base." Added DirecTV's SVP of advertising sales, Bob Riordan: "DirecTV is committed to delivering the best television experience available to our subscribers and that includes relevant advertising that best fits their lifestyles and interests. This new advancement will allow advertisers to realize greater returns on their investments and deliver better efficiencies of their media. This technology is a logical addition to our current suite of advanced advertising opportunities."

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