Schematic Unveils Giant Interactive, Multi-User Touchscreen Display, "Touchwall"

--Will Serve as Central Information Hub for Upcoming Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

Interactive design company, Schematic (note: the company's chief creative officer is high-profile interactive TV industry figure, Dale Herigstad), unveiled an interactive, multi-user, high-definition, touchscreen display called "Touchwall" Wednesday, and said that it will serve as an information hub for the upcoming Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (takes place June 21-27). According to the company, Touchwall, which is 12-feet long by five-feet high, will not only provide attendees with instant access to the complete festival program, 3D maps of the event and the surrounding area, and information on local restaurants and bars, but will also allow them to schedule meetings with one another and trade contact information over email.

In order to use Touchwall, Schematic says, attendees will first have to place their conference badges against the display: the display, which is equipped with an RFID reader, will recognize individual attendees through RFID tags embedded in the badges. Once an attendee's badge has been authenticated, Schematic says, the Touchwall will provide him or her with a "personalized workspace" on its display, from which s/he can then navigate the event and perform other tasks. According to the company, Touchwall allows multiple people to work side-by-side, creating what it bills as a "productive and fun environment" for sharing information and ideas. "The key to delivering the kind of game-changing results that clients demand lies increasingly in finding better ways to connect with consumers and to provide real value," Schematic CEO, Trevor Kaufman, said in a prepared statement. "With the Touchwall, we're introducing a new platform that enables brands to create engaging digital experiences for their customers. These types of interactive out-of-home installations will give advertisers new opportunities to better connect with consumers by giving the user control over the quality and duration of the interaction, while also offering a more personalized experience."

Schematic says that Touchwall is based on proprietary technology that it developed "from the ground up." It bills the new platform as combining spatial navigation design, coordination between multiple databases, and an intuitive user interface. It says that it hopes that the platform--which will be located on Level 1 of the Palais des Festivals (between the entrances to the Debussy Theater and the Grand Auditorium)--will "spark discussion on how marketers can more effectively leverage the interactive out-of-home channel." A Schematic spokesperson tells [itvt] that "in late summer" the company "will be rolling out [Touchwall's] touchscreen technology in a consumer-facing, kiosk-type format for a Fortune 100 company." A demo video of Touchwall (h/t Boing Boing) can be seen below.


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