New Bravo Show Will Let Viewers Interact via Email, Phone, Video, Twitter, Facebook

--Show is Based on an Existing Internet TV Show on

NBC Universal-owned cable channel, Bravo, on Monday announced plans to launch an interactive TV series, entitled "Watch What Happens: Live." The show, which will be hosted by Bravo's SVP of original programming and development, Andy Cohen, and which is slated to premiere July 16th at midnight (ET/PT), is based on a live broadband TV show that has aired for some years now on and that focuses on eliminated contestants and other personalities from Bravo's stable of reality-TV series. The online show has already made the transition to traditional television in the form of specials that are also hosted by Cohen (note: a two-part "Watch What Happens" reunion special for the reality show, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," will air on Bravo this Tuesday and Thursday).

According to Bravo, the new show will see Cohen chatting with guests from its most popular shows, as well as other celebrities, about "what has transpired on-air and in pop culture that week for a live half-hour full of viewer interaction." It will include "lively debates and passionate discussions about everything from fashion, to the latest 'Housewives' drama, to what celebrity news is making headlines that week," the broadcaster says. Bravo also promises that viewers will be able to interact with Cohen and his guests via email, phone, video, Twitter and Facebook. The new show is produced by Embassy Row, with Michael Davis ("Who Wants to Be a Millionaire") serving as executive producer.

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