TiVo, Quantcast Launch Solution for Evaluating Correlation between TV Viewership and Online Activity

DVR vendor/service provider, TiVo, announced Tuesday that it is partnering with Quantcast, a company that provides a Web-audience measurement service focused on enabling addressable advertising, to offer advertisers and media companies a comprehensive cross-platform audience-analysis solution that will evaluate the correlation between TV viewership and online activity.

According to the companies, the primary differentiator of their joint solution is the size of its sample: 35,000 households in all. They claim that an "innovative" combination of data from TiVo's PowerWatch ratings panel and Quantcast's direct measurement offering will allow better evaluation of advertising effectiveness, cross-platform media consumption and programming affinity, by producing TV and online media consumption and activity reports "on an unprecedented level."

TiVo bills its PowerWatch ratings service as delivering second-by-second program and commercial ratings data, with demographic segmentations, for 35,000 TiVo-equipped households that have volunteered to take part in a "passive" consumer panel. Quantcast, meanwhile, claims that its measurement solutions are currently used to interpret audiences for over 10 million Web destinations, and enable media companies and marketers to directly measure activity across brand Web sites and online advertising campaigns. By creating an anonymously joined sample, TiVo and Quantcast claim, their joint solution will "revolutionize" cross-platform audience analysis by providing marketers 1) with the ability to control and self-define the actions against which to evaluate media consumption, and 2) with a sample large enough to deliver actionable insights. "The current advertising marketplace, with most of its spend in broadcast, is unable to accurately attribute effectiveness and customer affinity across channels," Quantcast CEO, Konrad Feldman, said in a prepared statement. "The strategic partnership of Quantcast and TiVo will, for the first time, provide marketers with cross-media insights and reporting into advertising exposure and effectiveness that link TV advertising and programming exposure to their own online activity." Added Todd Juenger, VP and general manager of TiVo's Audience Research & Measurement arm: "Most brands invest in both Internet and television advertising, and often the campaigns are designed to reinforce each other from a creative standpoint, but the audiences of these advertising impressions have been measured separately and independently. There was no scalable tool to directly link the two. Similarly, television networks can measure traditional TV audiences and separately measure online video audiences, but have no way of measuring the overlap. That ends today. Now, brands will have a powerful new tool to measure marketing ROI, by measuring the Web activity generated by their television advertising--and vice-versa. This is a significant leap forward in our efforts to help advertisers and networks better understand how television and Internet behavior inter-relate."

According to TiVo and Quantcast, their new single-source, cross-platform media analysis solution--which is slated to launch later this summer (note: Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, president of the MAGNA division of IPG's Mediabrands, stated in TiVo's press release on the joint solution that her company "will enthusiastically take the offering to our clients")--provides various key features:

  • For advertisers: 1) Overlap analysis: combined versus independent reach/frequency of television and Internet advertising; 2) Downstream behavior: how does television and Web ad exposure influence downstream Internet behavior (i.e., "were people who viewed my TV ad more likely to visit my Web site?)?
  • For media companies: 1) Overlap analysis: consumption of video content, TV-only versus Web-only versus combined; 2) Downstream behavior: how does television viewing influence/predict Internet video viewing behavior and vice-versa?


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