ITU Approves New IPTV Standard, ITU-T H.770

--Standard Enables Users to Locate and Subscribe to Content from Different Independent Service Providers

Standards body, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), said Tuesday that it has given first stage approval (consent) to a new standard that enables an IPTV end-user to locate and subscribe to content coming from different, independent service providers. According to the organization, the standard--Recommendation ITU-T H.770-"Mechanisms for service discovery and selection for IPTV"--describes the mechanisms for service provider discovery, service discovery and selection. Services such as linear TV and video-on-demand are addressed, with metadata that describes programming and delivery protocols detailed, the ITU says. According to the ITU, the new standard will "enable a greater deal of choice for end-users and will help service providers offer a more competitive package." ITU members can find more information about the new standard at: